Politics & The Olympics

The President, the First Lady, the Mayor of Chicago and Oprah Winfrey want the 2016 Olympics to be in their hometown of Chicago, but The International Olympic Committee will be selecting the host city on Friday.  

Rio de Janeiro, Madrid & Tokyo are also up for bid for the site of the summer games.  Many people are excited as well as worried, about what effects this may have to the windy city.  Besides bringing in much revenue, some think it will also impact the city with unwelcome traffic, higher taxes and lead to more corruption, such as misuse of funds and insider dealings.

According to the Associated Press in a recent poll, 47 percent were in favor of the bid while 45 percent were against it — a drop from a 2-1 support the newspaper found in a February poll.  

Chicagoans, what is your feeling on this?? Stay Tuned for the decision this Friday!

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