Dead End for Limited Service Providers

Michael A. Caruso, BrokerIn the midst of a heated real estate market some sellers saw an opportunity to ‘save a few bucks’ and contracted with a limited service provider (formal term for a discount broker). Why? Sellers felt like they were in the driver’s seat and also didn’t understand the true value of a Realtor. National statistics however show that homes sold with a full service Realtor yield on average a 16% higher sales price. That is well worth the cost of a fair commission…Now, with the market pendulum swinging to a more balanced market with plentiful inventory the days of discount brokers seem to be gone. Our office provides full service professional representation to buyers and sellers. Call 949-753-7900 or try our web site at:

Subprime Lending ~ The aftermath

Michael A. Caruso, BrokerPlease be careful of any lender offers to loan you 100+% of your homes value.  Recently, many consumers were tricked when trying to qualify for home ownership with mortgage brokers who performed ‘stated income’ and or ‘no documentation’ loans. Usually, 1st time buyers subscribed to these types of loans without asking enough questions because the urge to achieve home ownership and participate in an up trending market were a combination few could resist. Now, with values trending downward and the loan ‘teaser rate’ disappearing in favor of a fully indexed loan payment, consumers are seeing their payment rise and their home value go down.  Don’t despair…don’t give the house keys back to the bank.  I am in Real Estate sales, but actively watch the lending market and I believe that there is product available to help your way out of this mess.  You can visit my web site at: and drop me an email from there if you wish. Or, call our office 949-753-7900 and we’ll refer you to lenders that care about you and care about your business. Thanks. Send some feedback and I’ll be back with more info to help you. Michael A. Caruso

Does Experience Count For Anything?

michael200×236.jpgDid you know that approximately 50% of the Realtors in California have less than 3 years experience “in the business”? That means they have never experienced a market with any degree of challenge. Do you think that an experienced agent or broker can contribute to the level of success you can achieve as a consumer in the current real estate market? Experience means a verifyable performance record, full time committment to the business and an unblemished personal record at the Department of Real Estate and Local Association of Realtors. Get back to me with some feedback and I’ll be sending more helpful information soon regarding…The importance of Real Estate continuing education and more! Thanks.