Caruso’s Green Tips…Don’t Mix Oil and Water

Nobody loves the smell of fresh turkey roasting in the oven more than me.  But let’s remind our kitchen cooks not to poor cooking grease down the kitchen drain. Clogs from cooking grease are the #1 cause of sewage spills! They can damage sewer system and wastewater pumping stations. Here is some simple and wise advice:

1)      Never pour grease down the drain, toilet or garbage disposal

2)      Pour cooking grease into a can and refrigerate or freeze it till solid, then dispose of it in the trash.

3)      Always wipe excess grease from pots, pans, dishes and utensils with a paper towel before washing.

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Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Social Media can be a Risk to Your Safety…

Do you know people that like to “check-in” on FB or other social sites when they are out and about? They might think it’s cool to let the world know where they are But…

 Does anyone think that they are also telling burglars where they are? Let’s face it, stalkers are stalking FB and other sites too. When you “check-in” at places that are far away, you’re allowing someone unscrupulous to calculate how much time they would have to invade your home or business to commit a crime.

 Think, before you let the world know where you “check-in”. Keep it among those you care about and those who care about you…if you must “check-in” use filters that will only allow certain people to see where you are.

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Caruso’s Green Thoughts ~ How do Plants Return After a Fire?

California has its dry spells and wild fires are a result.

 Did you ever wonder how plants return to an area that was burned out in a wild fire?

 Chaparral plants have actually adapted to infrequent fires. Some even require fire to re-sprout. The “yellow rock rose” seeds need 250 degrees of heat for 5+ minutes to germinate. You can only get that kind of heat from a fire! Some other species use chemicals leached from charred wood and smoke to stimulate seed growth.

 1 – 2 years after a fire: annuals flood a just scorched area.

3+ years after a fire: shrubs re-seed and re-sprout, but take a long time to grow.

 Mother Nature has her mysteries…

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Caruso Never Sleeps…Recognizing Signs of a Gas Leak…


Leaking gas from an appliance, damaged pipe line or gas meter could cause a fire or explosion which could damage property or people. Here are some safety precauions:

1)      Look – for any damage to gas appliance connections.

2)      Listen – for any unusual sound like hissing or whistling near a pipeline

3)      Smell – do you smell that distinctive odor of natural gas?

If you suspects signs of a natural gas leak:

1)      Remain calm.

2)      Don’t turn on or off any switches that can create a spark

3)      Get in touch with your local Gas company immediately.

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Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Fall Means Time to cut back Watering

Summer is over and I miss it already as the days grow shorter. Now we can be efficient with water usage. October, November and December are traditionally when Southern Californians waste most water. That is because while the weather remains relatively warm, many plants begin to go dormant and as a result they require far less water. Most people can reduce their water consumption 40% o 70% at this time of year and still have healthy plants. You can conserve thousands of gallons of water during these 3 months alone by:

1)      Cut down lawn watering to 2 days a week about 4 minutes per watering

2)      Plant more California-Friendly native plants – talk to your local nursery

3)      If you have a standard manual sprinkler timer, replace it with a smart timer that automatically adjusts your water with the weather…and you might get rebates from your water supply company too!

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Spooky and creepy Halloween decorations don’t help to sell homes…

Not everyone coming to your home is a trick or treater…some may be Potential Buyers!

With Halloween less than 30 days a way it seems that many homes are getting decorated for the holiday.  However, if your home is on the market, the less you decorate the better. Less is more.

Follow these simple rules for decorating and you can still have a Happy Halloween and get your home Sold!

  • Do not decorate the exterior of your home with spider webs strung from tree to tree or draped over shrubs.  No scary witches, ghouls or bats hanging from the front porch. No signs pointing to the haunted house or dungeon.  Most importantly, do not build a cemetery in your front yard! No tombstones, crypts or skeletons should cover any part of your yard.  Keep it happy not creepy.  Many buyers can’t seem to look past the decorations, and if the decorations make their kids cry, they won’t stay long enough to see the home.


  • Less is more.  Limit yourself to just one room if you must decorate and keep it simple and happy.


  • If you have an annual haunted house or birthday party planned, perhaps you should decorate a few days before and Hold all showings until after Halloween. Lastly, makes sure you put all decorations away and clean up the yard the following day.  Your home should be timeless and have wonderful curb appeal.


Make the home look happy and inviting and it just may sell on, October 31st!   

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Orange County Mid October Events

October Orange County Events

Haunt at Heritage Hill     Oct. 19
Dare to take part in the “Friday Night Fright,” as the park is transformed into a haunted adventure that is fun for teens and adults alike. Heritage Hill Historical Park: 25151 Serrano Road, Lake Forest.

Golf Tournament & Helicopter Golf Ball Drop     Oct. 19
Enjoy a fun, relaxing day of golf while supporting animal rescue. Entry Fee includes: Golf, cart, range balls, lunch, dinner and FREE BEERS and water while you golf! Tijeras Creek Golf Club: Rancho Santa Margarita.

 Silverado Days     Oct. 19-21
Community festival includes games, crafts, contests, rides, food and fun for the whole family. Featured contests include World Amateur Arm Wrestling Championship, Amateur Horseshoe Contest, Baby Contest, Dog Show, Chili Cook-off. William Peak Park: 7225 El Dorado Dr., Buena Park.

Autumn Harvest Festival     Oct. 20
Festival with family fun attractions that include the Princess Bride trick-or-treat stations, The East India Trading Company Pirate Adventure Maze and the Harry Potter School House. Heritage Hill Historical Park: 25151 Serrano Rd., Lake Forest.

Great Park Pumpkin Harvest     Oct. 20
Experience the time honored tradition of fall activities and family fun including: pumpkin patch, pumpkin decorating, pumpkin carving demo, treat stations, mini hay maze, train rides, art and craft activities, and more. OrangeCounty Great Park: Irvine.

Blackie’s Longboard Assoc. Halloween Costume Contest     Oct. 27
Blackie’s by the Sea, a Newport Beach surfing institution, calls out costumed surfers to compete in this fun event off of Newport Pier, judging surfers not only by their surfing technique, but by their spooky and outrageous Halloween costumes!

Rancho Los Alamitos Family Festival     Oct. 28
California on the Move, a family festival with demonstrations, maps, music and activities. Explores how people got to California, where they were coming from and how they moved around. 12-4:30pm. Rancho Los Alamitos: 6400 Bixby Hill Rd. Long Beach.

Wings, Wheels and Rotors Expo     Oct. 28
Civilian and military helicopters and aircraft, plus a custom car show featuring classics, muscle cars and more than 300 varieties. Vendor fair with more than 100 exhibitors. 9am-4pm. Joint  forces Training Base, Los Alamitos.


We Are Now Accepting Qualified Listings


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