Americans Drove 30 Billion LESS Miles During 1st Half of ’08

The good, the bad and the ugly…

Remember that old film?  Well this time it’s not a movie.  The good is: Americans are showing their displeasure with the price of fuel costs and driving less…a lot less!  We drove 30 billion miles less in the first half of ’08.

The bad is: A good amount of tax on gasoline goes toward repair and or maintenance of roads and bridges.  They want us consuming fuel.

The ugly is: We can fall behind substantially on the condition of our roads and bridges if fuel consumption continues to fall.

I have an idea…let’s see how we can get the cost of fuel back in line!  Then people would drive more and spend more.  Oh, and then we can keep up our road and bridge repairs and maintenance.  What a concept.  Especially since economies of scale are not scaled for $120 a barrel oil.  Fishing fleets can’t fill up with fuel and then go fishing because even if they catch a full load of fish, the price they get for the fish can’t pay for the gas they used to catch ’em!  It goes on and on…trucking, planes everything.

Keep the pressure on our legislators, please.

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3rd Anniversary for Orange County’s Great Park…

Well, its 6 years after the vote and that vote was a dilly.  It was divisive to our county residents…those who wanted an airport to replace the El Toro Marine Base and those who proposed a Great Park theme as the logical and environmental alternative.

It’s now 3 years in the making.  The Great Park in Orange County.  Perceived a victory by many who voted against an airport and perceived a challenge by those who watch the budget and purse strings for this project.  Great builders are participating, the likes of Lennar.  But what’s the hurry…no one is buying homes right now.  And great publicists have created a vision for the public, but at a substantial cost.

Let’s see what the future brings.  It is unclear how the Great Park will evolve, but it is very clear that the residents of The OC wanted anything but an airport.

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Consider a Local Summer Trip to the OC Coast to Combat Gas Prices…

Cash conscious?  Just plain mad about gas prices? 

Hey OC residents…Why not consider a local summer trip for a vacation?  Dana Point hosts 2 world class hotels: Ritz Carlton and St. Regis, has fabulous tide pools to explore, has a major harbor where you can rent a jet ski, a kayak, try scuba diving or take a ride on a historical ship.  There are also dolphin and whale boat tours and fishing boats leave daily for those who want to cook up fresh fish for dinner.  And don’t forget a surfboard…the waves are great!

Dana Point also has several great camp sites that are very clean (San Onofre State Beach Campground and San Mateo Campground nearby) which are popular and you can still scoot over to your favorite restaurant for dinner while being near the beach campground.  Enjoy a summer night with a campfire at the Doheny Beach fire pits and BBQ your lunch.

Nearby, you can go horseback riding at San Juan Capistrano or visit the historical Mission San Juan Capistrano.

You can beat the gas prices and beat the summer heat and have a great time in coastal Orange County.  Call my office and we’ll be happy to provide maps and information.

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Olympics nearing…Time for Boycotts and Protests?

Oh yes…the Olympics are nearing.  The great world competition of youth competing athletically from all around the world and it dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago.

Oh no…the Olympics are nearing.  Time for boycotts and protests and grabbing at worldwide attention for a particular cause.

Can’t we just have the games without all the “games”?!?!

Latest updates: The German Chancellor, The British Prime Minister and The Canadian Prime Minister are among the world leaders who will not attend the Olympics opening ceremonies, in part to register protest of China’s human rights record.

Now what?  Should our leaders reconsider?  Should our country reconsider participating?  Should countries with less than stellar human rights records be hosting the Olympics?

So here it comes…boycotts and protests and making poitical points rather than embracing the true spirit of the Olympic Games.  That spirit is worldwide cooperation and friendship.  We’re missing the point!

Your comments are encouraged.

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Laguna Niguel…Going to Speed and Saving on Fuel

My beloved city of Laguna Niguel in the great OC has found a way to get faster and save fuel.  The City Council has approved the order for 2 new motorcycles for our Police Department.

You know how large the engines are in police cars…they roar! And they suck up fuel at an outrageous rate.  Well, we have near perfect weather here, so why not a couple of motorcycles? Why not a few motorcycles for that matter?  Cuts down on gas consumption and gets police out there for speedy response.

Nice work Laguna Niguel!

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Thank You for No “Manny”

Thank you Angels General Manager.

Thank you Boston Red Sox General Manager.

Thank you for trading Manny Ramirez to the “other” LA baseball team.  They can have him and they can have all the clubhouse dissension and hoopla that goes along with him.  Besides…his hair is so long it gets tangled with his arms and glove when he tries to field a ball (that is when he tries) and he can’t keep his baseball cap on for too long without all those dreadful dreadlocks knocking it off.

There is a great team chemistry on the Angels and no “Manny” to mess it up.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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When is it Time to take Away Grandma or Grandpa’s Car Keys?

OK…let me assure you all that this has nothing to do with gas prices.

I love my Dad and he is 85, pretty sharp and going strong.  He passed his last driving and vision related test from the state.  He drives himself to all his doctor visits (plenty of them) for this or that but it’s all a part of general aging.

But every now and then I look at his car and there is a scratch or a ding and I ask…”how did that happen, dad?”  He has no answer.  Well, I begin to wonder about the cars he parks near and if he has damaged any of them.  And then I wonder, what is the right age to stop driving?  There is the question of dementia, diabetes or just dulling senses that can cause a serious accident.

Is there an age when a driver license should become void?  Or, are we not to take a license away?  Is driving a car a right of freedom or a right of license?

I would love to hear comments on this one if you find a moment….

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