Caruso’s *DANA POINT* Closed Sales Report ~ July


Is the market is improving or at least stabilizing!?  We provide the latest market updates regularly, as well as personal consultation of market direction…

The Dana Point Closed Sales Report for JULY:

The Dana Point Closed Sales Report for Homes Sold in the 0-$500,000 Range:

2011   12 listings closed escrow             

2010   14 listings closed escrow            

The Dana Point Closed Sales Report for Homes Sold in the $500,000-$1,000,000 Range:

2011   25 listings closed escrow             

2010   18 listings closed escrow

The Dana Point Closed Sales Report for Homes Sold in the $1,000,000+Range:

2011   9 listings closed escrow                  

2010   5 listings closed escrow                   

*Does a sales report tell the whole story about market environment, consumer sentiment and the value of your home?  Is it time to sell?  Is it time to add a property to your investment portfolio? Is the market changing, and in which direction? 


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Keep Our Water Clean with Caruso!


Home and garden pesticides and fertilizers are contaminating California creeks, rivers, and oceans. Garden chemicals cause pollution when people dump them down drains or when they are washed into gutters, drains and creeks by rain, garden watering, or hosing down sidewalks. Here’s what YOU can do to help.


1.) Avoid Using Pesticides. Be sure you have identified a specific pest problem before applying any pesticide. If treatment is necessary, use non-chemical methods or least toxic pesticides where ever possible.


2.) Keep Fertilizer and Pesticides off of Hard Surfaces. For example like sidewalks or driveways. Sweep any material that accidentally gets on hard surfaces back onto lawns.


3.) Don’t Over Use Fertilizer. More is not better. Actively growing turf, flowering shrubs, some annuals and fruit trees require regular fertilization but ornamental trees do not. Use slow-release fertilizers and be sure to measure and apply them according to label directions.


4.) Avoid Using Pyrethroid Insecticides. This controls the ants. Manage ants by reducing food sources, excluding them from homes and using baits in containers.


5.) Use a mulching mower. Using this mower recycles your lawn clippings and reduces your lawn’s requirement for fertilizer.


6.) Dispose of Garden Chemicals Properly. Never sweep, hose off, or pour leftover pesticides or fertilizers into drains or gutters. Dispose of unused products at your local hazardous waste site.


7.) Manage your Watering System. Do this so water does no run off your landscape onto hard surfaces and into gutters.


8.) Reduce Runoff. Reduce by using mulches in beds and permeable materials for walkways and driveways. Aerate and add organic matter such as compost o heavy or compacted soils. Install terraces or other features on slopes to keep water on site.


9.) Install Equipment. For example drip irrigation, soaker hoses, “smart” irrigation controllers, and rotor heads that improve watering efficiently and distribution.


10.) Choose Water Efficient Plants & Garden Designs. Be creative about reducing your landscape’s need for water.


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Motivational Monday Quote ~ Be Happy!! ☺

Life is too short to be anything but happy.


Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves  James Matthew Barrie 

Go Green…Let’s keep our oceans clean!

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Social media. It’s everywhere. Sometimes I feel it’s taking over the world. It’s no secret that in order to gain a competitive edge in Real Estate, or to simply keep up with the rest of the pack, agents must utilize social media. For realtors, Facebook in particular is arguably the best social media platform to use as a resource for self-branding, marketing all aspects of the business, gaining clientele and encouraging an increased referral rate. Like savvy prospective owners researching ways to capitalize on the current housing market, realtors must take that same approach with Facebook. Creating a Facebook landing tab for your Page, having consistent Page activity and networking with clients via the social network are all well-known and yes, very effective Facebook tips– but they only scratch the surface.  Being good with social media is one thing, but learning to be savvy, smart and differentiated is another. I’ve put together some tips I have learned through my adventures with Facebook that I hope can help you stand out from the pack! Here’s how I turned Facebook into the “Carubook”…


1. Have good photos and detailed captions: People love good visuals, this cannot be stressed enough. If the photos posted on a realtor’s Facebook Page are not appealing, the house they’re selling won’t be, either. What’s more, instead of simply posting photos of a home, use the caption portion of a photo to sell the home. Is the home great for a family looking for a place near an elementary school? Are the carpets new? Do delicious apples fall from the backyard tree? The more information and specific details about a home the realtor can provide a prospective buyer without any interaction, the better. This will save a real estate agent time, effort and energy as the number of genuinely interested buyers will increase and those searching for specific home qualities can be weeded out if the home descriptions given do not meet their expectations or needs.


2. Brand your homes and recognize target client: Take advantage of the About Me portion of your Facebook Page. Rather than keeping it bare bones, realtors need to use the section to be honest, describe their niche homes and what homes are most appealing to them to sell. Although, this should be written in the least limiting style of language of course. Is working with families to help them find the perfect family home appealing? Are homes that need a little love charming? Are modest to luxury condos and apartments an area of expertise? If a potential buyer reads that your style of home matches or is similar to theirs that they’re looking for, the selling pitch becomes that much easier on an agent. Moreover, it’s difficult to sell and appeal to a broad audience in a largely varied market. Therefore, the most effective approach to any marketing strategy is to find a target. Thus, the language and the content of a realtor’s Facebook Page can help to define those targets.


3. Be less Obvious:Right off the bat, if a realtor’s Facebook Page’s profile picture doesn’t give it away that they’re in the business of selling homes, then the frequent open listings as status updates will. Instead, after that initial stereotypical first impression on, at least differentiate the content of the Facebook Page. Meaning: on Facebook most real estate agents follow the same rules and they are a dead giveaway just by merely looking at their profile picture. So rather than look like the rest of them– and if the aim is to bring something new to the table in a very standard-thumbed and mainstream industry– stray from being the same. As an agent, just posting what you’re selling is not what social media is about. Instead, show passion, be creative, have a little humor, create conversations, ask questions, be helpful and stand out


4. Share good news about the economy: The poor economy is making it more difficult to sell homes. However, despite the rough times, when there is a sprout of good news or hope on the horizon, share it!!!! As a realtor, posting good news about the economy on Facebook does two things: it inspires the faith and encourages folks to rethink or reconsider making a big purchase. Also, overall spreading positively is a good thing to do as people tend to gravitate towards positive people.


5. Be apart of the community: Sharing knowledge and relevant events about the community will help a real estate agent to develop deeper and more reliable connections with community members. Through being aware of the community’s surroundings and being tuned-in to what people are interested in, it’s another tactic for capturing the attention of prospective buyers and more importantly, it’s a way of becoming noticed as a community resource and well-rounded agent. For example: “The new organic market off of Golden Lantern has just opened– I have 2 homes nearby- each only 2 miles away! Convenient places to live if you love an organic market! Check out my gallery for pictures if you’re interested” This example post is an easy, enthusiastic and non-pushy way of advertising the sale, redirecting followers to more housing information and sharing some community news.


6. Integrate Facebook into everyday business:Nearly all real estate agents have a business card, and some even have ad placements in the yellow pages or online. For all self-promotional efforts that a realtor engages in, it is important to always include Facebook information. If using Facebook as a valid source is the goal, prospective clients should always be directed to the agent’s Facebook Page. There, ask clients to post a Review on the Page, follow up or ask questions. The more emphasis a realtor puts on their Page as being a contact and informational resource, the more integrated and second-nature that Facebook will become to the agent’s business.


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Caruso’s OC Happenings ~ North County






Tomorrow August 27th from 12:00-6:00pm is the annual OC Foodie Fest! OC Foodie Fest was the first and biggest gourmet food truck festival in Orange County. The event launched on August 28, 2010, at the Honda Center of Anaheim. With over 8,500 foodies in attendance, the sold-out event showcased 49 gourmet food trucks, six local bands, dance crews, ‘indie’ vendors, art and charities. This year the event has moved across the street to Angels Stadium and with an expanded food line up of 150 vendors, entertainment, competitions, kids entertainment area, car show and beer garden! General adult admission is only $12.


Nothing to report



Mark your calendars for Silverado Days (William Peak Park
7225 El Dorado Drive) this October 14-16. This event is held each October. This community festival includes games, crafts, contests, rides, food and fun for the whole family. Featured contests include World Amateur Arm Wrestling Championship, Custom Car Show, a pie-eating contest, hog calling, baby contest, dog show, petting zoo, chili cook-off and much more!!

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Coming up Saturday, October 29, 2011 is the annual Memory Walk (Cal State  Fullerton).The Memory Walk is part of a national movement to help those battling Alzheimer’s and related memory loss disorders. As one of the largest Memory Walks in the country, it features a 2-mile walk, Kidz Zone, Doggie Dugout, Remembrance Garden, Food Vendors, Festival Area with over 50 exhibitors, live entertainment and more! For details, contact Shannon Kincaid at (949) 757-3708.


Nothing to report.


Sunday, October 23, 2011 from 9 – 4 is the Wings, Wheels and Rotors Expo (Joint Forces Training Base).A great mix of civilian and military helicopters and aircraft, plus a custom car show featuring classics, muscle cars and more than 300 varieties plus a vendor fair with more than 100 exhibitors selling food and car or aircraft related items. This family event also has games, a kid’s corner and live entertainment.


Nothing to report


Saturday, October 15, 2011 is the annual The Heritage Festival and Parade (Tri-City Park, 2301 N. Kraemer Blvd.). Since 1965, this celebration of the city’s heritage includes a parade and fair booths. The festivities begin with the Chamber of Commerce pancake breakfast at 6:30 a.m. followed by the parade and band review at 9:30 a.m. The festival begins at 10:00 a.m. and will feature many exciting activities for the entire family including the annual car show, a crafts fair, food booths, kid’s games and more. For more information you can call (714) 524-8535.


Nothing to report


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September 17 – 18, 2011 is the Dozynki Harvest Festival. This event is celebrating Polish culture with food, music dancing and exhibits. The event will be held at the Pope John Paul II Polish Center. For more information you can call 714-996-8161.











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Caruso’s OC Happenings ~ Central County





Saturday Sept. 24, 2011 will be the “Cruisin’ for a Cure Car Show” located at the OC Fair & Expo Center. This event is the world’s largest one day car show dedicated to helping find a cure for Prostate Cancer.


Nothing to report


Coming up Saturday September 17, 2011 between 9:00am – 12:00pm is the Annual Southern California Brain Tumor Walk. The Southern California Brain Tumor Walk is an inspirational, all-ages fundraising walk and community day to support the brain tumor cause. Form a team of family, friends and co-workers and help make a difference in the fight against brain tumors! There is an optional 5K walk (wheelchair & stroller accessible) with food, music, prizes and more.


Coming up September 10 is the Orange County Beer Festival – Irvine
September 10, 2011. Join us for our Annual Brew Ha Ha Beer Festival. We will have it all… Custom Craft and Import Beers from some of the best breweries around, awesome food, live entertainment, beer seminars, all at the best location in Orange County. This is one beer fest where you won’t feel like you are choosing from the same brands you can get in your grocery store. For more information you can visit or email or call 949-363-1774.


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Monday, August 29, 2011 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm is the Spa Gregorie’s Women are Wonderful Expo (200 Newport Center Dr., Ste. 100).Women are Wonderful: In Full Bloom, is a women’s expo offering exhibits, participatory demonstrations, presentations and spa’licious gifts–all while giving back to deserving charitable causes. Over 50 vendors will be participating including experts in the Spa and Wellness industry (such as beauty maven experts Clarisonic & Epicuren), local boutiques, fitness studios, wellness services, fashion and more. For ladies looking to “cash in” on their experience, bring your “outdated fine jewelry, charms, gold & precious metals” to the Hidden Treasures booth, and take home $$$ in exchange right on the spot. For more information you can call 949-644-6672.


Mark your calendars for the International Street Fair coming up September 2-4! The event includes International foods, crafts, folk dancing and music. There will be many different ethnic foods and costume. The Street Fair has become known for the variety of food reflecting cuisine from around the world. They provide food, drinks, entertainment and crafts to the visitors. The Street Fair is located in a four-square block area radiating out from the center of the Orange Plaza, which is the intersection of Chapman and Glassell.


NOW through September 11th the Discovery Science Center Presents: WaterWorks: Soak Up the Science! It’s H20 from A2Z at WaterWorks: Soak up the Science this summer at Discovery Science Center. Immerse yourself in stimulating, hands-on learning experiences that will quench your thirst for the playful, powerful and precious world of water. Explore how water gets physical by creating a perfect rainbow, capturing a raindrop and examining snowflakes. Dive into the “Water Quiz” to test your knowledge of water and learn about water quality and management and the stresses that are being put on this natural resource. For more information you can call 714-542-2823.


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Coming up September 30th, October 1st and 2nd 2011 is Tiller Days at Columbus Tustin Park. Tustin Tiller Days has been a regular event in Tustin since 1957. The event provides an opportunity for Tustin to celebrate Orange County’s agricultural heritage. The event also features a Parade (on Saturday at 10 am), carnival, rides, food and entertainment. For more information you can call 714-573-3326.


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