Caruso Wellness Tip: 3 Unique Fragrances That Can Boost Your Mood


Provence is famous for its fields of fragrant lavender, so it’s no surprise that the scent can be found in everything from soaps to sachets in French apothecaries. And for good reason: the Latin root of the plant name lavender means “to wash,” and the flowering herb (a member of the mint family) has been used to perfume baths for centuries.

Scientists say Lavender is well-researched for its therapeutic effects and it’s been found to help calm anxiety, and even ease sleep problems and depression.

Research has found that people identify the plant’s aroma as “calming,” “comforting” and “reassuring.”


Orange Blossom

Orange groves are prevalent throughout the Mediterranean, and the fragrance distilled from the trees’ white flowers is intoxicating. (The essential oil of orange blossom, also known as neroli, is used in perfume and aromatherapy.) In fact, King Louis XIV, who had a passion for perfumery, adored the scent so much that he had citrus trees planted in the gardens of Versailles.

Studies found that people associated this fresh, flowery smell with being “happy,” “carefree” and “confident.”


The calming powers of this flowering herb are legendary. Just think of chamomile herbal tea, which is made from the dried daisy-like flower. It helps soothe indigestion, induce sleep, and reduce anxiety.

Research found that the delicate, herbaceous scent is associated with words like “calming,” “comforting” and “warm.”


Caruso Home Staging Missteps

Staging a home has become a successful means for obtaining a solid price and even shortening marketing time. But exercise caution! Here are 6 missteps to avoid:

  1. Over-designing your space
  2. Displaying fake everything
  3. Not staging to scale
  4. Staging your entire home in one aesthetic
  5. Keeping doors closed
  6. Going too neutral

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Caruso Ideas for Valentine’s Day

  1. Go to a local play
  2. Attend a concert
  3. Take the afternoon hike
  4. Go on a date to the bookstore (this is still one of our favorites, and it’s FREE!)
  5. Write your love story together in a notebook
  6. Make a romantic scavenger hunt – Include clues to places that are significant in your relationship (such as the place you met, or where you shared your first kiss).
  7. Go shopping, buy some exotic foods and create a new recipe together
  8. Play Kareoke at home, singing sappy love songs to each other
  9. Have a home “spa day” – buy some massaging oils, take a warm bath and give each other massages!
  10. Painting with a twist! – there are wonderful painting studios now, that teach you how to paint!
  11. Go dancing
  12. Go to a home-improvement store and talk about your dream home
  13. Try to stump each other with little known facts about your life BEFORE you met
  14. Find a local track and race go-karts
  15. Get a hotel room & go swimming
  16. Test drive your dream cars
  17. Go Ice Skating Indoors
  18. Go roller blading (if you can’t find ice skating!)
  19. Skip dinner and just go out for dessert!
  20. Find an arcade and play old video games together
  21. Go mini-golfing
  22. Go camping (in your living room!)
  23. Go rock climbing
  24. Fondu at home (You can buy a fondue pot on amazon and lots of melting chocolates too!)
  25. Go bowling
  26. Attend a ballet or musical
  27. Darts & Burgers
  28. Watch your Wedding Video
  29. Make it a game night
  30. Play truth or dare
  31. Get a couples massage at a local spa
  32. Go Biking on local trails
  33. Hunt for local tourist spots and visit the best ones
  34. Have a movie marathon at home

Caruso Health Tips: Healthy & Unhealthy Fats

Here are some examples of unhealthy fats…just to note:

  • meat fat (beef, pork, etc)
  • poultry skin
  • cheese (sorry; this one makes me so sad)
  • 2% and full fat milk
  • cream
  • mayonnaise
  • egg yolks (yes, there are some nutrients in yolk…but these nutrients can be found in veggies as well)
  • hydrogenated oils
  • margarine
  • butter

Here are some examples of healthy fats….again, simply to note:

  • nuts
  • seeds
  • nut butters
  • oils (coconut, olive as examples)
  • beans (part fat)
  • soy (non gmo and part fat)
  • fish oil
  • avocado

Don’t consume too much of the good stuff… if we overdo even the great fats, we could be eating way too many calories for our activity.

Caruso Holiday Pack & Ship Tips

  1. Ship early! Avoid procrastinating to avoid longer lines, plus planning early allows more shipping options.
  2. Consult experts first. Check with the UPS Store experts before shipping fragile items.
  3. Use materials the professionals use. Use a new cardboard box designed for shipping, professional-grate packaging tape and bubble wrap for cushioning (suggested two inches around) to protect gifts.
  4. Print an extra shipping label. Choose a shipping option that provide a tracking number.
  5. Take batteries out. Remove batteries from toys and electronics before shipping and wrap them separately to avoid contact with metal.
  6. Sending sweets? Seal homemade holiday treats in an interior airtight container or plastic bag before packing and sending them via expedited air service.
  7. Ship wrapped presents in advance. Lighten your holiday travel load, especially if you’re traveling by air, by shipping gifts ahead to your destination.
  8. Save on shipping boxes and other supplies. You can save on shipping supplies and services at many retail shipping store locations simply by showing your AAA membership!

Food & Health Tid Bits

  • Avocados have been shown to lower cholesterol & triglycerides
  • Saffron is shown to mitigate mild to moderate depression
  • Sea Buckthorn has been shown to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) & increase HDL (happy cholesterol)
  • Fruits & Vegetables rich in green and colors have shown to reduce cholesterol levels, blood pressure and boost the immune system.
  • Maitake mushrooms may offer positive effects on symptoms of diabetes
  • Foods rich in Zinc such as seafood and meat help improve eyesight
  • Brazil nuts are rich in selenium which are important for our thyroid gland function
  • Brewers yeast is rich in biotin and B5, helping us fight stress
  • Barley water might help fight diabetes and helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Cucurmin (active ingredient in Turmeric) helps reverse bone loss

Wellness Words

Light words to use to lift you, your clients, colleagues, friends, and family’s mood:

  • Elated
  • Strong
  • Lively
  • Generous
  • Positive
  • Vibrant
  • Happy
  • Successful
  • Laughter
  • Create
  • Amazing
  • Enjoy
  • Smile
  • Confidence

Even though these are just words, once they enter the mind it becomes a ripple effect on your mood.