Caruso’s 5 Most Effective Social Media Tactics!



After reading from here are the 5 most effective Social Media tactics that have given the best results for our clients in the real estate industry.

1. Property Search tool with a Facebook Page
This technique works great for Realtors. It allows your FB page visitors to search your available properties right from the Facebook page. Now that Facebook uses Iframes for all its pages it is easier to add more web functionality to a Facebook page. One of the most fundamental aspects of a Realtor’s website is the property search tool so it makes sense to allow customers to use this tool without leaving Facebook.

2. Youtube T.V. Channel
Youtube Channels can be hugely powerful for the Real Estate industry if done professionally.  Most Realtors add video “Walk Around” or slide shows to show interiors of property. These videos are uploaded to Youtube. Using Youtube will improve online visibility and SEO for the company’s website.

3. Youtube App for Facebook Page
Get a Youtube app for the Facebook page. Everything you upload to the Youtube Channel will automatically be fed to the Facebook Page making it easier for your Facebook page visitors to view more of your clients’ properties. The App recommended by is the Involver Youtube App. It’s free for a start and it doesn’t divert the viewer straight to Youtube to be bombarded by Realtors who have uploaded similar videos. It keeps the viewers on the current FB page allowing them to view more videos or engage in other ways on the page.

4. Geo Location Keyword Search
Perfect for realtors! Tools like Hootsuite have this fantastic feature. It allows you to keyword search for potentially prime customers who are looking for property in a particular area.
5. Use Linkedin to find Clients

LinkedIn has many purposes for the Real Estate Social Media Manager. If you would like to find landlords, property developers, home builders, etc. in order to rent or sell those properties on their behalf, then the LinkedIn property groups are a perfect place to start.


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Caruso’s Favorite Things…

I have listed 12 of my favorite Real Estate Social Media Sites to help you with your business!

 1. Facebook: One of the fastest social networking sites. Facebook is one of the easiest ways of finding prospective customers within any given area. Using Facebook, we can target very specific groups according to our business needs; such a high level of targeting is not a possibility with other social networking sites or community sites. We can find our customers based on specific set of criteria including place, age etc.

2. Localism: This is a very niche based community site. At Localism, we can interact with the local merchants. This is one of the best examples of social networking at a micro level. People of the same place can get together to share the happenings of their community. This community site is not only for the merchants and business people but it is also for common people.

3. Trulia: This is one of the top-rated sites for marketing any real estate related services. It has been estimated that Trulia attracts around 5 million potential buyers and sellers each month that are interested in real estate property in some way. Trulia Pro offers highly comprehensive marketing solutions for realtors as well as for professionals from the other fields who want to market their brand online.

4. ActiveRain: YAY that’s us! ActiveRain is one of the few networking sites that are exclusively meant for real estate professionals. We can make use of this real estate community site free of cost and its membership counts to 98,000 and still growing. We can post our profile online using the free membership. Making use of their referral service, it is possible to get in touch with the top real estate professionals and leads from both local real estate market and outside. The referral service allows us to search the local markets within each county.

5. RealTown: is one of the top real estate portals, which serves as a perfect meeting place for real estate buyers and sellers. This site offers a lot of useful resources for the real estate professionals as well as for people that are interested in buying and selling real estate properties.

6. FlippingPad: If you are a real estate investor who is interested in building relationship with other investors then FlippingPad is the place to be. FlippingPad provides a unique opportunity for the wholesalers whereby they can find many prospective leads. We will be able to interact with the investors using the forums. We can post our doubts; take part in discussions, which makes it a very interactive site.

7. LinkedIn: Almost all realtors will have an account in LinkedIn. This is one of the most happening places on the internet. Professionals from all fields want to be part of this network. This is a very sophisticated network with many tools and in built tools that we can use to interact with the other members. You can send invitations for others to join your network and send requests to other members to join their network. People can find us by our name or by using specific industry related keywords.

8. Puurple: Puurple is almost like We will be able to find and vote for posts that are related to real estate.

9. Zolve: This is another useful platform that serves as the meeting place for the buyers and sellers from the real estate industry based area.

10. Real Estate Webmasters: has an exclusive section for realtors whereby realtors can interact with the local as well as global real estate professionals.

11. WannaNetwork: is one of the high traffic real estate community sites. Here we can create new groups and also join the existing groups. This community networking site allows us to freely interact with the other members interested in the real estate industry. There is a lot of knowledge sharing here.

12. can ask real estate related questions in the forums and get your answers. You can also start a discussion on a hot topic or take part in other discussions. You will be able learn a lot about the real estate industry by becoming a member here.

Caruso’s 12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 7



On the 7th Day of Christmas Caruso Gave to Me –

7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents!


If you are a real estate agent, then understanding how to use social media to draw in business is not difficult. There is a whole world full of ways to get your name out and among people that may become a potential customer and bring you their business. Let’s discuss the seven social media tips for agents.

Tip #1: Beneficial Real Estate Sites: You can use a social media site set up exclusively for real estate professionals like Active Rain, to help aid you in connecting with people that are local and within your community. Sites like this one is geared towards you particular field of Real Estate and networking.

Tip #2: Facebook How To’s: Register and use a site such as Facebook. This site is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. This site is growing everyday at an astounding pace and professionals in any field are into keeping up with one another and their clients within the network. The site also allows for agents to become close to and develop long lasting business relationships, as well as making contacts that may become a potential customer. You can also use their ads to help grab the attention of your audience.

Tip #3: Keeping an Updated Profile: Real Estate agents need to check out LinkedIn. This site lets you develop long lasting relationships with many other Real Estate business and professionals just like you. You can sign up for free on their site. Take extra care with filling out your profile when registering, as the keywords and information you list to describe yourself, will allow others to find you better. Reach out across the web!

Tip #4: Twitter for Business Connections: Sign up with Twitter. Another site to stay connected to people, yet a bit different from others. Twitter uses a posting platform, a sort of mini-blog if you will to stay connected or make connections. This site will allow you to follow others and others can keep up by following you. Make sure you create interesting and informative posts for your followers.

Tip #5: Using Real Estate Networking Sites: Signing up with WannaNetwork will be tip number five. This site allows you to blog, use a forum to ask and answer questions, find groups and Real Estate professionals. This site is everything Real Estate community related. It is site with a community platform that is ideal for making connections, keeping up with buyer and seller information as well.

Tip #6: Letting Your Audience Get To Know You: Use YouTube to get your message out and help people find you. You can post webinars that are informative, helpful and vital to your audience. Also creating videos telling the world about what you do. Use keywords wisely in the title of your webinar or video, so people who are interested can easily find you.

Tip #7: Creating Your Own Real Estate Forum on Your Website: If you have your own website, you can network and create your own strategies through use of a forum on your website. It is a really great way to exchange links that may help you grab potential customers.


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How one dumb post killed the real estate deal!


I read an article on MSN about how we share too much personal information online on via social media sites. One tweet, one post could kill the deal or the negotiations.

One homebuyer learned the hard way when she posted on her facebook page. She posted, “Found our dream house!” and she named the highly sought after neighborhood where she had been looking for several months.

She didn’t think anyone but those in her small circle of friends were reading the post, said her realtor. “Unfortunately, a friend saw the post and shared it with a pal who was looking in the same neighborhood.” The friend of the friend moved in quickly. She tracked down the listing agent and offered more money, snatching the home from under the Facebook poster, who later learned through the grapevine how she’d shot herself in the foot with her post.

Another example is when you’re in negotiations. Too many people are so entwined with Twitter and social media that they find it hard to not disclose every detail of their lives.  A buyer will tweet. “I just put in an offer. Cross your fingers for me. But I’ll do whatever it takes. I’ll go another $20,000 higher.”  While another may post, “I’ll do whatever it takes to get this home sold, long escrow…sell it way below the listed price…”

Agents can also misuse social media and hurt themselves! They may complain about the listing, the open house, the buyers, the sellers or another agent. A post like this, “Sitting at an open house, again! This listing is totally overpriced.” can also violate an agent’s duty, to keep client information confidential.

Unless you adjust the privacy of your facebook wall and ensure that your profile doesn’t come up in facebook search results, strangers could read your posts just by searching for you.  On Twitter, you have a number of choices when it comes to privacy.  If you don’t want your followers sharing or re-tweeting  your messages to others, or if you don’t want the general public to see your tweets, check ‘protect my tweets’.

Take care that what you say cannot be used against you, says Gahlord Dewald, an expert in online technology who specializes in real-estate marketing and analytics.  Be very neutral in what you say. Agents, many of whom are natural communicators, were among the early adopters of social media, using the platforms to market their services and connect with clients.  It pays to be discreet.  I’ll tweet to that!



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Social media. It’s everywhere. Sometimes I feel it’s taking over the world. It’s no secret that in order to gain a competitive edge in Real Estate, or to simply keep up with the rest of the pack, agents must utilize social media. For realtors, Facebook in particular is arguably the best social media platform to use as a resource for self-branding, marketing all aspects of the business, gaining clientele and encouraging an increased referral rate. Like savvy prospective owners researching ways to capitalize on the current housing market, realtors must take that same approach with Facebook. Creating a Facebook landing tab for your Page, having consistent Page activity and networking with clients via the social network are all well-known and yes, very effective Facebook tips– but they only scratch the surface.  Being good with social media is one thing, but learning to be savvy, smart and differentiated is another. I’ve put together some tips I have learned through my adventures with Facebook that I hope can help you stand out from the pack! Here’s how I turned Facebook into the “Carubook”…


1. Have good photos and detailed captions: People love good visuals, this cannot be stressed enough. If the photos posted on a realtor’s Facebook Page are not appealing, the house they’re selling won’t be, either. What’s more, instead of simply posting photos of a home, use the caption portion of a photo to sell the home. Is the home great for a family looking for a place near an elementary school? Are the carpets new? Do delicious apples fall from the backyard tree? The more information and specific details about a home the realtor can provide a prospective buyer without any interaction, the better. This will save a real estate agent time, effort and energy as the number of genuinely interested buyers will increase and those searching for specific home qualities can be weeded out if the home descriptions given do not meet their expectations or needs.


2. Brand your homes and recognize target client: Take advantage of the About Me portion of your Facebook Page. Rather than keeping it bare bones, realtors need to use the section to be honest, describe their niche homes and what homes are most appealing to them to sell. Although, this should be written in the least limiting style of language of course. Is working with families to help them find the perfect family home appealing? Are homes that need a little love charming? Are modest to luxury condos and apartments an area of expertise? If a potential buyer reads that your style of home matches or is similar to theirs that they’re looking for, the selling pitch becomes that much easier on an agent. Moreover, it’s difficult to sell and appeal to a broad audience in a largely varied market. Therefore, the most effective approach to any marketing strategy is to find a target. Thus, the language and the content of a realtor’s Facebook Page can help to define those targets.


3. Be less Obvious:Right off the bat, if a realtor’s Facebook Page’s profile picture doesn’t give it away that they’re in the business of selling homes, then the frequent open listings as status updates will. Instead, after that initial stereotypical first impression on, at least differentiate the content of the Facebook Page. Meaning: on Facebook most real estate agents follow the same rules and they are a dead giveaway just by merely looking at their profile picture. So rather than look like the rest of them– and if the aim is to bring something new to the table in a very standard-thumbed and mainstream industry– stray from being the same. As an agent, just posting what you’re selling is not what social media is about. Instead, show passion, be creative, have a little humor, create conversations, ask questions, be helpful and stand out


4. Share good news about the economy: The poor economy is making it more difficult to sell homes. However, despite the rough times, when there is a sprout of good news or hope on the horizon, share it!!!! As a realtor, posting good news about the economy on Facebook does two things: it inspires the faith and encourages folks to rethink or reconsider making a big purchase. Also, overall spreading positively is a good thing to do as people tend to gravitate towards positive people.


5. Be apart of the community: Sharing knowledge and relevant events about the community will help a real estate agent to develop deeper and more reliable connections with community members. Through being aware of the community’s surroundings and being tuned-in to what people are interested in, it’s another tactic for capturing the attention of prospective buyers and more importantly, it’s a way of becoming noticed as a community resource and well-rounded agent. For example: “The new organic market off of Golden Lantern has just opened– I have 2 homes nearby- each only 2 miles away! Convenient places to live if you love an organic market! Check out my gallery for pictures if you’re interested” This example post is an easy, enthusiastic and non-pushy way of advertising the sale, redirecting followers to more housing information and sharing some community news.


6. Integrate Facebook into everyday business:Nearly all real estate agents have a business card, and some even have ad placements in the yellow pages or online. For all self-promotional efforts that a realtor engages in, it is important to always include Facebook information. If using Facebook as a valid source is the goal, prospective clients should always be directed to the agent’s Facebook Page. There, ask clients to post a Review on the Page, follow up or ask questions. The more emphasis a realtor puts on their Page as being a contact and informational resource, the more integrated and second-nature that Facebook will become to the agent’s business.


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How to…with Caruso ♫☼♣↓♥

Do you want to know how you can add hearts, music notes and other cool symbols to your Facebook status, texts and chats?

Courtesy of my wife, Cris. There are three ways!

1. You can Download the many apps.

2. You can Copy or Paste. This doesn’t always work if the symbols are all grouped together. Try pressing “Ctrl” + “Z” to solve the problem.

3. Do it Yourself. You can type the symbols from your keyboard by using the ‘alt’ key!

If you have a laptop or computer, make sure you ‘Num Lock’ key is ON. The ‘Num Lock’ button is on the top right of your keyboard.

Next, hold down ‘Alt’ key as you type. The ‘Alt” button is in the bottom left of your keyboard, and press type the following:

Hold ‘Alt’ then type any numbers…

Alt and 1 makes ☺
Alt and 2 makes ☻
Alt and 3 makes ♥
Alt and 4 makes ♦
Alt and 5 makes ♣
Alt and 6 makes ♠
Alt and 7 makes •
Alt and 8 makes ◘
Alt and 9 makes ○
Alt and 10 makes ◙
Alt and 11 makes ♂
Alt and 12 makes ♀
Alt and 13 makes ♪
Alt and 14 makes ♫
Alt and 15 makes ☼
Alt and 16 makes ►
Alt and 17 makes ◄
Alt and 18 makes ↕
Alt and 19 makes ‼
Alt and 20 makes ¶

And so on…. §▬↨ 2 û @ ~ * Θ 😉

♫☼♣↓♥ ♫☼♣↓♥ ☼♫♫♣ ♫☼♣↓♥

And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.

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Advertising Online with Caruso!

As most of you already know more people than ever now get their news online than in newspapers. It was recently found that there are one million fewer U.S. households watching prime time over last year, while the online audience has almost doubled. Then there’s Facebook, where over 550 million users are attracting an overwhelming majority of today’s marketers. Now you need to start thinking – it’s no longer should you be online – it’s where, when, and how. Here are some tips I have come across that everyone who advertises online should know!

Show up on search. This is a no brainer. Analysts estimate that 75-90 percent of companies and consumers search the web before they buy. If you can’t make the first page of the organic results, which is essential to the viability of your inbound marketing efforts, do some serious optimization work. Investing in a sponsored link can be an option, depending on your brand.

Too many blasts can blow up in your face. Email is the most common Internet activity and most used form of digital advertising. Over 80 percent of marketers employ it to connect directly with customers, many of whom now check email on their mobile. Stay on top of your open, click through and conversion rates to refine content and frequency. Unless you have a good reason to email more than twice a month, such as with timely offers or high-value content, don’t do it.

It’s not a slam dunk. Just because you show up on search engines, run banner ads, blog, and get “liked” by lots of Facebook fans doesn’t mean you’re going to score big right away. There’s more clutter and competition than ever, making it more challenging to stand out. Experiment. Be flexible. Use sites like and to track your clicks, bounce rates, and page views. Find what works and continue to enhance it with the repetition, consistency, and synergy needed for higher sales.

Know your customers. Knowing your target’s age, income and other demographic data is no longer enough. What are their behavioral skews and lifestyle choices? What really motivates them to buy your brand? Are they into parenting or partying? Do they like to cook, cruise, camp, chill or collect cars? Collect this data. Stay up on consumer trends related to your brand with the wide variety of market research sites available today. Knowing the types of searches, sites and activities your audiences are likely to pursue is the key to engaging them more effectively online.

You don’t have to splurge to make a splash. Pardon the expression, but when it comes to getting the ‘biggest bang for your buck’, digital is the real deal. In terms of cost-versus-reach, online ads cost less to run. Plus, you can maximize your exposure by using dynamic pricing and pay for performance options. Online ads bring better results too. A study by Millward Brown showed that a single exposure to a web banner generates greater awareness than a single exposure to a print or TV ad, and boosts brand awareness by up to 200 percent.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Sure the Internet is the most efficient form of advertising known to man. That doesn’t mean you should abandon your basics. Stick with the positioning, testimonials, guarantees, special offers and venues that have been working. Re-allocate spending to bring digital into your mix for added traction and sales interaction.

Great ads need great back-end support. Click on an ad or link, and you go to a landing page that gets you to buy. That’s the idea anyway. So while you may get your clicks, your site needs to be your salesperson and close the deal with friendly navigation and a strong call to action. No matter how good your offer is-your site could still drop the sale. Track conversion rates and return-on-investment (ROI) daily and be ready to adjust your messaging and media accordingly.

Bad news travels fast.One customer complaint, tawdry tweet, Facebook faux pas, or edgy e-mail-and suddenly it could go viral. Add value, build trust, give back and it may go viral too.

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Bra Colors on Facebook Statuses


 If you regularly go on Facebook, you probably have come across some status updates with just one word.  A color. 

At first I didn’t get it.  Some said Black, some said White and others said, Red, Tan or Pink.  I didn’t get it, and then I saw that my wife and daughter’s had statuses with just a color.  When I asked my wife, why everyone had  listed a color on their profile and what it meant.  She explained to me, that it was to raise awareness about breast cancer.  This campaign was designed to sweep the networking site, asking women to update  the color of their bra, with one simple word.

Andrea Rader, a spokeswoman for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, said the group was not behind the campaign but called it “a terrific tool for raising awareness. We just hope people act on it — get educated, get a mammogram.”

Kudos, for the person that started this campaign. It not only got people to ask, but it sparked awareness for breast cancer.  I am sure we all know someone that has battled this disease.  

Keep on updating those colors ladies….

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What’s new on Facebook?

The newest tool on Facebook is coming….voice chat. In the next few weeks this application will allow users to have high-quality voice conversations.

This technology comes from Vivox, a Boston-based company which currently has over 15 million users worldwide. To access the voice chat, Facebookers will simply have to download Vivox and it will work seamlessly with Facebook.

These conversations can be held one to one or a group discussion. This is evolution for you! I’m not sure how quickly I will be using Facebook’s voice chat, but I will be very interested to see the popularity of it and how it competes with Skype.

What do you think?

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Michael Caruso, Broker ABR ABRM CRB CRS GREEN GRI                                   

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