Caruso’s Green Thoughts ~ How do Plants Return After a Fire?

California has its dry spells and wild fires are a result.

 Did you ever wonder how plants return to an area that was burned out in a wild fire?

 Chaparral plants have actually adapted to infrequent fires. Some even require fire to re-sprout. The “yellow rock rose” seeds need 250 degrees of heat for 5+ minutes to germinate. You can only get that kind of heat from a fire! Some other species use chemicals leached from charred wood and smoke to stimulate seed growth.

 1 – 2 years after a fire: annuals flood a just scorched area.

3+ years after a fire: shrubs re-seed and re-sprout, but take a long time to grow.

 Mother Nature has her mysteries…

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Could you live without water…bottles?

Do you drink bottled water? I bet at least half of you are chugging one right now or have one sitting on your desk. Ladies and Gentelemen, I think we have been ripped off. The bottled water market in America is worth over $10 Billion!

Have you ever had Evian water? Spell it backwards. N-A-I-V-E.

kookiecookie1Our obsession with buying high priced water in a bottle is contributing to global warming. The energy that goes into making a bottle of water is astounding. To produce 31.2 billion liters of water for America’s bottled water market took approximately 17.6 million barrels of oil!

Additionally, our landfills are overflowing with plastic waste. Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year, and not even 20% of bottles actually get recycled!  Most bottled water is extra purified tap water (which is already purified). It is not any healthier!

So, I challenge you to drink at least a couple less bottlzucchiniweenies per week. Here are alternatives:

-Use a Brita filter. Easy, cost effective and your tap water gets purified and tastes great.

-Get a reusable bottle. SIGG makes great aluminum ones (shown). And Kleen Kanteen makes great stainless steel ones.

-Simply drink from the tap!

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Create Your Own Peaceful Place…


Stress has been a buzzword for 10 or more years now.  And finding a peaceful place or peaceful time for solitude is a challenge for most.  But, have you ever thought of creating that peaceful place in or around your own home? 

We seem to go places to find that peace or solitude like: the gym, yoga classes, pilates, the beach, church, library, a hike, a coffee shop or quiet restaurant.

Every home has enough space to create your own peaceful place.  With thoughtful landscaping an out of the way area can become your peaceful place.  Think about spirit gardens, meditation gardens, herb gardens, dripping water fountains…all sensory and spirit rich, fun to work on and not difficult to do.  The 3 key elements in gardens for reflection and meditation are: water, lush green plants and comfortable seating.  Moving or dripping water can mask distractions like noise from traffic.  Plants provide shade, visual interest and oxygen.

Your “look” can be minimalist, artistic and practical.  That way, your peaceful place doesn’t become another work place…So think about that and maybe visit a Plant Nursery to get some ideas. 

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