Want Winter Herbs? Pot Plants Indoors

Do you miss those savory flavors and aromas of fresh herbs during winter months? Harsh weather can cause herbs to die over the winter months.  This year, why not try planting indoors? Here are some good tips to ensure that you herbs are plentiful:


*When you move the herbs from outside to inside, check for bugs.  If you choose to use these herbs in cooking, you will want to use a soap-based insect product to kill any bugs that may have hitchhiked inside.


*Cut herbs back to about half in order to set the stage for proper growth. Since plants may suffer a bit of shock from the move inside, be sure to give them more time for growth than usual.


*Ensure that the temperature where the herbs are placed is not more than sixty-five degrees. Higher temps may cause the herbs to die prematurely.


*Be sure not to water your herbs too much.  One of the most common ways for a plant to die is from over watering.  Water your herbs once a week or so, when the soil is dry one inch down.


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