Tips on Holding a Safe Open House


NAR has designated September as Realtor Safety Month. There’s no time like the present for some safety tips.

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Most of us will hold an open house at one time or another, so it’s a good idea to follow some safety guidelines so we don’t become a victim of crime.

Open houses are a great way to meet new buyers and expose your listing to the public, but they can be a target for criminals.

Here are 10 Tips for Holding a Safe Open house:

1. If possible, have at lease one other person working with you at the open house.

2. Check the strength, signal and the battery life of your cell phone before the open house.

3. Upon entering the house, check all rooms and select several “escape ” routes.

4. Make sure that escape routes through the back door do not prohibit your escape from the back yard. Make sure there are no high fences or locked gates.

5. Have all open house visitors sign in. Ask for full name, address, phone number and email.

6. When showing a house, try to walk behind them or along side of them.

7. Avoid getting cornered or trapped in small rooms, etc. Do not let a visitor distract you while someone else is in the house.

8. Inform a neighbor of the open house and make sure your office, family or friend are aware of your open house and check in with them frequently.

9. Tell the owners not to leave any drugs, jewelry or valuables out.

10. At the end of an open house, check all the rooms and yard before leaving. Close all windows and lock all doors. Be aware of your surroundings and be careful getting into your car.

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Keep Focus on Long Term Goals and Keep Cool…

A dip here, a dip there, a new grey hair here and a new grey hair there.

The key to keeping cool amid market dips is to stay focused on your long term goals.  Statistically, according to the national Association of Realtors, a home nearly doubles in value every 10 years.  yet, everyone freaks out when there is a correction.  A correction simply creates market swings that favor a buyer sometimes and a seller sometimes.  But these swings are important.  It can’t go just one way all the time.

I’m no stock expert, but some say the same focus should be applied to the stock market.  The clamor to sell gets louder and louder when a stock is going down, but people hang on to it when it is going up.  Why?  Because they hope and think it will go up MORE….

Here are some tips to help you keep cool amid market dips (whatever your market position is):

1) Returns come in bursts – keep focused on your long term goals.

2) Get your emotions out of the picture – emotions create errors.

3) Focus on what you can control – don’t sweat the things you can’t control.

4) Set aside something for you – Don’t put every penny into your investments, go spend some money (it feels good).

5) Get professional guidance – seek out a qualified and reputable stock professional or real estate professional to help you plan your investments.

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