Cold and Flu-Like Symptoms? Blame Toxins!

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Have you been suffering form sneezing, headaches and an upset stomach? While flu season is upon us, your body may be suffering the affects of immunotoxincants (toxic chemicals that weaken the immune system). 





Here are some ways to limit your exposure:


  • Use natural cleaners rather than common household cleaner, which are known to prevent the body from being able to effectively fight off germs and viruses.
  • Keep your home and office well ventilated by opening windows and doors when possible
  • Use untreated cotton or linen sheets. Most bedding is treated with formaldehyde, which can cause cold symptoms such as congestion.
  • Rather than using pesticides, select herbal repellants to treat areas where pests are present in and outside your home.


Many skeptics balk at the thought of abandoning the use of 409 and Ajax instead of choosing green products…Can one have a presentable home while using eco-friendly, “safe” products?  I say the answer is “Yes.”


What are your thoughts?


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