1. Perfume! If you have a good idea of the types of fragrances your Mother likes- that is a great place to start. Tell a sales person at Nordstrom or Sephora what types of perfumes or scents your Mom prefers and they can help you. Everyone likes to smell pretty, and it makes for a great gift she will appreciatepexels-photo-128945
  2. Flowers! Seems cliché but most woman do love fresh flowers, and it shows that extra thought was put into this special day for Mothers. McCools Flowers is local and has an array of beautiful bouquets that can be delivered. For those of you closer to CDM, Blooms is an amazing flower stand that can create a fresh arrangement. pexels-photo-196655
  3. Photo Collage! Go through old photos with siblings, you and Mom, fun family get-togethers and trips. Important birthdays, holidays or graduations. Think of the moments that were captured at a particularly happy time and drop those into collages designed at You can make them online and even have them already framed. If you are a last minute person, you can print your creation to show her what she will be receiving in the mail in the days to come. woman-hand-smartphone-desk
  4. Customized Notebook! If your mom loves lists, recipes or just journaling- this is a great gift. has cute designs that you can customize. pexels-photo-286483
  5. Candles! Candles are something that people generally don’t like spending money on but are a pretty, decorative and most importantly fragrant gift. If your mother likes bubble baths or a good kitchen candle to keep odors at bay- this is a good idea. Candles in decorative tins or timeless glass are nice and they can be found at Planet Beauty.

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