The Truth About Social Media Sites

Why is Social Media Important?

  • Great way to Network and increase our trustworthiness, goodwill and credibility.
  • Social media can help generate leads, track clients, sales and distribution, as well as improve productivity.
  • Print media is largely losing its appeal, and people are now looking to a different direction to promote their business and improve their business prospects.
  • Social media sites make you more visible to the client, and can relate to them on a personal level.
  • Social media allows you to create meaningful and personal relationships with clients and potential customers.
  • Generate powerful traffic to your website.
  • Cost effective way to announce new properties or services.
  • Meet new people across the globe.
  • No mass email or promotional marketing to sort out and read in your email inbox.

 Facts and Figures

  •  The top social networking websites is divided into three categories: General purpose, special interest social networks with a specific theme, and international sites.
  • 79% of companies use Social Media
  • 65% of Adults online use social media for personal and professional use.
  • Users that follow brands or businesses has increased by 106% and are more likely to continue usage and recommend to others.
  • 23% of facebook users check their account 8 or more times daily. Average of total users is  4 – 5 times daily.
  • Fastest growing segment in social media are 45-55 years old.
  • Facebook , Twitter and Linkedin has the biggest subscribed members and the greatest impact on consumers and businesses.
  • It has been estimated that in 2012, social media revenues will reach 17 billion dollars globally with the majority coming from advertising.
  • In 2013, the idea that social media is a soft, networking tool will slowly give way to its acceptance as a serious business tool.

 Will you jump on the bandwagon in 2013? There really is no other option…

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