Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Fall Means Time to cut back Watering

Summer is over and I miss it already as the days grow shorter. Now we can be efficient with water usage. October, November and December are traditionally when Southern Californians waste most water. That is because while the weather remains relatively warm, many plants begin to go dormant and as a result they require far less water. Most people can reduce their water consumption 40% o 70% at this time of year and still have healthy plants. You can conserve thousands of gallons of water during these 3 months alone by:

1)      Cut down lawn watering to 2 days a week about 4 minutes per watering

2)      Plant more California-Friendly native plants – talk to your local nursery

3)      If you have a standard manual sprinkler timer, replace it with a smart timer that automatically adjusts your water with the weather…and you might get rebates from your water supply company too!

 And…Thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Broker!

 Michael Caruso   949-495-8600

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