Spooky and creepy Halloween decorations don’t help to sell homes…

Not everyone coming to your home is a trick or treater…some may be Potential Buyers!

With Halloween less than 30 days a way it seems that many homes are getting decorated for the holiday.  However, if your home is on the market, the less you decorate the better. Less is more.

Follow these simple rules for decorating and you can still have a Happy Halloween and get your home Sold!

  • Do not decorate the exterior of your home with spider webs strung from tree to tree or draped over shrubs.  No scary witches, ghouls or bats hanging from the front porch. No signs pointing to the haunted house or dungeon.  Most importantly, do not build a cemetery in your front yard! No tombstones, crypts or skeletons should cover any part of your yard.  Keep it happy not creepy.  Many buyers can’t seem to look past the decorations, and if the decorations make their kids cry, they won’t stay long enough to see the home.


  • Less is more.  Limit yourself to just one room if you must decorate and keep it simple and happy.


  • If you have an annual haunted house or birthday party planned, perhaps you should decorate a few days before and Hold all showings until after Halloween. Lastly, makes sure you put all decorations away and clean up the yard the following day.  Your home should be timeless and have wonderful curb appeal.


Make the home look happy and inviting and it just may sell on, October 31st!   

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