The Good Old Days of Real Estate vs Present Day Real Estate

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I remember back when Real Estate was simpler but not necessarily easier.  I remember having to write up every contract by hand and having to chase clients around for signatures.  I remember when listing presentations weren’t an audition to get “that role”.  I also, remember when clients didn’t ask for a lower commission, and when I carried a huge portable phone.  I remember my days of wearing my gold coat at Century-21 and wearing the Re/Max pin with pride and winning numerous awards and trophies for Top Salesperson, #1 Realtor of the Year, Achievement in Sales, etc.  Those were the Good Old Days!

Nowadays, we have computers, cell phones, electronic key openers and e-signatures to make our lives easier, we work harder and have less personal time.  Listing presentations are a casting call now and agents must dress and audition for the role.  Sometimes, you get asked back for a second audition, and if you played your part right and have an excellent reputation, you get “that role”.  Sometimes, the role involves a lower commission, especially if it’s a multi-million dollar contract.  As a Broker and owner of my own company, I don’t receive medals or trophies anymore, no matter how hard I work or how much business I do.  These days, when I have met my personal goals and receive high praise from my clients, I feel a sense of gratitude, accomplishment and a job well done. Even without the trophies or awards, I’m still pleased and honored.  

It seems like to get ahead in the game, you have to have a loyal following, excellent track record, sophisticated marketing, and be educated on all new electronic and marketing tools.  It seems to me, that the easier our life becomes and the faster we work, our job becomes harder, longer and sometimes more stressful. 

I remember the good old days of real estate with fond memories, and sometimes wonder; how did we do it all?  Maybe, it was my age…a young man in his twenties, eager to take on the world.  Perhaps, it was that we didn’t know any better?  Today, the challenges we face with our economy, our competition and this generation of instant gratification and must have attitude, can stress a person out.  

I’m glad I was able to experience both worlds and see the marked differences.  I’m satisfied with the way things are now.  I’m a little more humble, less gullible, wiser and much older.  Sure, I’m a little overwhelmed about deadlines and future auditions but, I  think I was also overwhelmed, some 30+ years ago.  I guess, it’s all relative and we have to go with the flow.  In the meantime, I’ll keep trudging on with a positive attitude. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  So I’ll enjoy the ride.  These are the Good Old Days!




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