Caruso Funny ~ Father I Have Sinned….


Lisa goes into the confessional booth at her church and says “Bless
me father for I have sinned, I have taken unfair advantage of the
generosity of a very kind and handsome man.”

The priest says “is that you Lisa?”

“Yes Father Leahy, it is me.”

“Who was the man you took advantage of?”

“I can’t tell you, Father Leahy, because I do not want to embarrass

Father Leahy asks “Was it Sean O’Malley?”

“No father.”

“Was it Ken Shaughnessy?”

“No Father Leahy.”

“Was it Johnny Gavin?”

“No Father Leahy, I just can’t tell you.”

Father Leahy says “I approve of your perseverance but you still
have to atone for your sins. Your penance will be to say five Hail

Lisa goes back to her pew where her friend Janet asks in a whisper
“What did Father Leahy give you?”

Lisa replies “he gave me five
Hail Marys and three good prospects for a new boyfriend.”

ha ha get it? Happy Thursday Active Rain!

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