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There are some real estate agents that swear by direct mail marketing and some agents that swear at it.  As a homeowner, I get other agent’s mailers and marketing pieces periodically. I collect these marketing samples not because I am interested in buying or selling real estate, but because I am interested in their marketing messages. Most agents assume that the internet is the place to be and focus the majority of their marketing efforts on on-line marketing. As much as I do online marketing I feel direct mail can be just as effective if you have the right marketing message. Here are a few examples I have gathered throughout the web of direct mailing – the do’s & the don’ts.

Just Sold, Just Listed – This is the typical real estate mailing. It’s good to know that houses are selling and quickly, but there is nothing within the marketing message that compels the prospect to contact the agent or keep for later use.

Marketing Blunders: No call to action; No compelling reason to keep the piece of mail; and it focuses too heavily on the agent’s accomplishments as oppose to the market. The marketing piece has a “iTheme” to it. “I sold,” “I listed house XYZ in town XYZ,” but as a homeowner they really only care about themselves. Every consumer tunes in to the what’s in it for me station.

Recent Sales  – This last mailer was is my favorite & the marketing message is simple: “Your house could be the next one sold.” On the back of this mailer, agents put a list of just sold homes which is eye catching. This is something most would keep.


 Direct Mail Marketing Tips

1. Message Matters – Make your message compelling. Give a reason for the seller or buyer to keep your flyer or contact you right away. Limited time offers works wonders for this.

2. Frequency Matters – Make your mailers into a campaign, a series of related mailings. You almost have to assume that some home buyers or sellers will discard the mail the moment it touches them, but consistency will convert. On average, there is a 7% return on investment when it comes to mail and 1-2 year turnaround time. Sending mail should not be your primary source of marketing, but it certainly can compliment your marketing strategy.

Vary your marketing messages. Those people who want to do business with you will contact you if you are compelling and consistent. You’re not likely to sell to everyone, but one commission, one opportunity can lead to several business deals in a heartbeat!


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