Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Spring Forward to Water Efficiency


As winter begins its transition to spring, the weather will soon become warmer and our water habits will start to change. It’s natural for MNWD customers to use more water in the warm spring and summer months, but it remains critical all year long to use only the water you need. Follow these four simple steps this spring to become more efficient with your water use:


1.)    Tune-up your sprinklers: Make sure your timer is set to only water a maximum of three days per week, replace any broken sprinkler heads and adjust the spray so there is n overlap or watering of your patio or sidewalk.

2.)    Add California-Friendly plants to your garden: As you begin to replant this year’s garden, make sure to add in California-Friendly flowers and shrubs. These plants come in a wide variety of attractive colors and sizes and use very little water.

3.)    Check for leaks as part of your spring cleaning: Make sure to look for leaks inside and outside of your home as your spruce things up for the warmer months ahead. One leaky toilet can waste enough water to fill several swimming pools!

4.)    Apply for rebates: MNWD offers rebates for the purchase of a wide variety of water-efficient products. Visit to learn more.


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