Caruso’s Pre-Cleaning!



Spring is almost here so why not start your spring cleaning early – Start by PRE-cleaning!
–          REDUCE the amount you have to clean by going through the closets, drawers, and shelves where clutter lives.  Chances are there are a few shirts with the tags still on or books you read years ago and haven’t picked up since… Donate them!

–          REUSE what you find in the spring cleaning process!  Your stock pile of old shopping bags can help you reorganize your closet, and you can cut down on waste by cleaning with those old towels rather than paper towels.  
–          RECYCLE stacks of magazines and old electronics.

Make a green cleaning kit

           Homemade, non-toxic cleaners will save cash, the environment, and your health!  Follow these easy recipes to start cleaning greener today.

o        ½ tsp washing soda (available at most hardware stores) OR 2½ tsp borax
o        1 – 2 drops of liquid soap
o        2 cups hot water
Combine ingredients in a spray bottle, and shake until washing soda/borax dissolves.  Add a few drops of essential oils for a bit of aromatic grime fighting!  Bonus: Lavender and tea-tree oils are also natural antiseptics.
–          GLASS CLEANER
o       ¼ – ½ tsp liquid soap
o       3 tbsp vinegar
o       2 cups water
Combine ingredients in a spray bottle, and shake.  Bonus: The soap in this recipe will cut the wax residue left behind by commercial cleaners you may have used before, letting even more sunshine through your windows!
–          SOFT SCRUB
o        ½ cup baking soda
o        Enough liquid soap to create a mixture the consistency of cake frosting
This recipe is perfect for cleaning your bathtub – it rinses easily and will not leave grit.  Tip: Add 1 tsp vegetable glycerin and store in a glass jar to make the scrub last.  Otherwise, only make as much as you need each time.

 Go Green!!!


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