Caruso’s 5 Most Effective Social Media Tactics!



After reading from here are the 5 most effective Social Media tactics that have given the best results for our clients in the real estate industry.

1. Property Search tool with a Facebook Page
This technique works great for Realtors. It allows your FB page visitors to search your available properties right from the Facebook page. Now that Facebook uses Iframes for all its pages it is easier to add more web functionality to a Facebook page. One of the most fundamental aspects of a Realtor’s website is the property search tool so it makes sense to allow customers to use this tool without leaving Facebook.

2. Youtube T.V. Channel
Youtube Channels can be hugely powerful for the Real Estate industry if done professionally.  Most Realtors add video “Walk Around” or slide shows to show interiors of property. These videos are uploaded to Youtube. Using Youtube will improve online visibility and SEO for the company’s website.

3. Youtube App for Facebook Page
Get a Youtube app for the Facebook page. Everything you upload to the Youtube Channel will automatically be fed to the Facebook Page making it easier for your Facebook page visitors to view more of your clients’ properties. The App recommended by is the Involver Youtube App. It’s free for a start and it doesn’t divert the viewer straight to Youtube to be bombarded by Realtors who have uploaded similar videos. It keeps the viewers on the current FB page allowing them to view more videos or engage in other ways on the page.

4. Geo Location Keyword Search
Perfect for realtors! Tools like Hootsuite have this fantastic feature. It allows you to keyword search for potentially prime customers who are looking for property in a particular area.
5. Use Linkedin to find Clients

LinkedIn has many purposes for the Real Estate Social Media Manager. If you would like to find landlords, property developers, home builders, etc. in order to rent or sell those properties on their behalf, then the LinkedIn property groups are a perfect place to start.


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