Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Breathe Easy

Breathe easier this winter & know how to spot carbon monoxide. Even though you can’t see, taste or even smell carbon monoxide, this harmful gas can rob you of oxygen, causing serious illness or even death!

First Prevent It! Carbon monoxide is formed when carbon-based fuels such as oil, gasoline, propane or natural gas don’t burn completely. To help prevent carbon monoxide form being produced, keep your natural gas appliances in good working order. This includes an annual checkup of your gas furnace. Or you can schedule a checkup by calling a licensed qualified heating or plumbing contractor.

Look For Warning Signs! Be alert for the following warning signs of carbon monoxide when using natural gas appliances such as a furnace:

-A yellow large and unsteady burner flame (expect in decorative logs w gas flames)

-An unusual, pungent odor that may indicate another byproduct of incomplete combustion

-Unexplained nausea, drowsiness or flu like symptoms in household members

What To Do If You Suspect Carbon Monoxide! Take these steps if you think you’ve been exposed to carbon monoxide:

-Immediately turn off the suspected gas appliance, if it’s safe to do so

-Leave house and call 911

-Seek medical attention for anyone who feels ill.

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