Caruso’s 12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 4



On the 4th Day of Christmas Caruso Gave To Me – A 4 Step Real Estate Marketing Plan to Develop Effective Landing Pages.


Making effective landing pages for your real estate marketing efforts does not have to be a complicated procedure.

Although this technique is made up of two chief areas (driving traffic and also conversions), I am specifically going to focus on the latter part now. Therefore, let’s start to look at the four key steps you need to take to build a successful squeeze page.


1. First, your landing page ought to have a solid and catchy headline in order to grab your audience’s attention and then encourage them to review the rest of your body content. This specific item can make or break your real estate marketing efforts from the beginning, so you must address a primary need, challenge or desire that your target audience has. Several excellent initiators for this might be “How to…” 4 Methods to…” or even “Who else needs…” Consider utilizing red font as well as a way to make the heading truly stand out.


2. Second of all, the left hand portion ought to be made up of some form of video clip, audio track, and/or bullet point content. Our very own favorites happen to be video and bullet points. This is the portion where you should give your potential customers with benefits and not features. What key pains can you help address? Refer to these issues within your copy.


3. Then, on the right hand side of your real estate marketing landing page, you will offer some form of opt in. Even though this is the most straightforward step by far, be sure you do not make the mistake of demanding too many fields for your visitors to submit. In other words, less is far better, so we ordinarily propose only asking for a name and email address in the majority of situations. Your call to action button will need to say something along the lines of “Get Immediate Access,” “Download Now,” etc.


4. All three prior factors depend on this final component. Unless you have something for your prospects that provides real cash value, just about all your prior efforts will be lost. This is certainly not the place where you deliver PLR or some cheap report that folks can easily find just about anywhere. You will need to go above and beyond to surpass expectations and literally blow away your visitors with free, quality subject matter.


By implementing these four components, you will quickly start to rule your local market plus build strong rapport with your future clients



And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.

Best regards,


Past President, Orange County Association of Realtors (949) 753-7900



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