Caruso’s 12 Days of Christmas ~ Day 1


On the 1st day of Christmas, Caruso gave to me 1 Christmas Green tip…


Christmas tree collection will begin on Monday, December 26th for a two week period through January 6th. If your tree is 6’ tall please cut it in half and place at the curb on your regular collection day. You may also place small trees inside you green waste cart (if you have one). Christmas trees are organic waste, which means they can be composted, mulched or even converted into fuel. A tree is only organic if it’s stripped down to its original form, which means removing all the lights, ornaments and tinsel. The “flocked” tree which is sprayed with artificial snow for a more “wintery” feel is not compostable. Flocking your tree pretty much guarantees that it will be land filled and not composted. You may also consider purchasing an artificial tree with Christmas tree flocking and reuse the tree year after year. Consider your options while you’re dreaming of a white Christmas.


And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.

Best regards,


Past President, Orange County Association of Realtors (949) 753-7900



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