Caruso Says Oil & Water Don’t Mix…

Help keep holiday grease out of the sewer system. Pouring cooking grease down the drain is the number one cause of sewage spills because it can clog your sewer line and damage the District’s sewer system and wastewater pumping stations.


With all of the extra cooking that comes with the holidays, we usually see an increase in the number problems within the sewer system. As you prepare those turkeys, hams and roasts, here are a few tips to keep excess holiday cooking grease out of the pipes:


*Never pour grease down the drain, toilet or garbage disposal

*Pour cooking grease into a can and refrigerate or freeze until solid, then dispose of it in a trash can

*Always wipe excess grease from pots, pans, dishes and utensils with a paper towel before washing


These simple steps will help keep excess holiday cooking grease out of the pipes and help prevent sewage spills.


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