Home Office vs Work Office

Many people, especially Americans have a fine and rather gray line between what they consider to be work in the office and time spent at home. Now-a-days so many people are using their home phones, computers and many other things interchangeably for both their personal and office lives.

One of the biggest problems is many individuals work out of the home. They are constantly trying to switch between when the work day is done and when it is time to relax for a few hours before bedtime. Here are some steps you can take, especially if you are one of those individuals who have their office and home in the same location!

1) Draw a line between work and play on your computer. If you can afford it, purchase and use a different computer for work than for the family. When the family computer starts to be used as the work computer, things may get deleted, you may not be able to find everything you are looking for, or the family business and downloads may cause a glitch in your work system.

2) Try and specify up the hours you plan to work. Unless it’s an extremely important call, let the office line ring after around 5 or 6 p.m. Of course this is easier said than done, but if you make it a point to your clients and fellow employees that your day ends at a certain time; they will be more inclined to return calls before you are “out of the office.”

3) If possible, have your office in your home be just the office. That way you can set up your supply center, your work center and perhaps a file or two. When the room is cluttered with other items such as laundry and guest beds, it may be hard to keep your work life in order, especially if you have family members constantly coming in and out of the room.

There are probably many other suggestions, but these are just a few pointers to help keep you on the right track. With technology advancing and less people working 9-5 in an actual building, it’s easy to mix up our private lives with our work related lives. So every once in a while stop and check yourself to make sure you are in line. It will make your families and clients / employees very appreciative.

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