Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Change in Seasons means Change in…

Fall is now officially in full swing and that means its time to adjust the way we use water. Most plants go dormant in fall and winter and require far less water than in spring and summer when they are active. So even as warm weather continues, now is the time to save water and money by reducing your irrigation.


The months of October, November and December are when Southern California typically waste most water. That is because plants require roughly 70 percent less water during this period, but many mistake the seemingly summertime weather as a call to continue their summertime watering schedules. Over watering is common in fall not just because of the warm weather, but also because many plants will look wilted or brown as they enter their dormancy. But beware; dormant plants should not be over watered.


Adjusting your water use with the seasons is a great way to ensure you stay within the personalized water budget for your property. Before watering your lawn or plants this fall, dig a hold two to three inches deep and check for moisture. If the soil is damp, turn off your sprinklers or put away your hose. Continue to check every few days until you find dry soil. Frequently checking soil will help you reset your sprinkler schedule. As the rains start the frequency should be changed again as Mother Nature will be doing the bulk of the watering for you. You can also replace your standard sprinkler timer with a smart timer that automatically adjusts your watering schedule with changing weather conditions.




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