Caruso Never Sleeps ~ Purple Fountain Grass



Did you know there is a California-Friendly Plant of the month? Well there is and this month it is the Purple Fountain Grass. Purple fountain grass is a great way to add some colorful fun to your California-Friendly garden this fall season. This popular perennial resembles a bronzed fox tail and grows great in both pots and in gardens. It requires full sun and a little water to get started, and then thrives in dry soil or gravel beads.


Purple fountain grass is often preferred over other fountain grass varieties because it doesn’t drop seeds, which makes it easier to prune and shape into groupings. Purple fountain grass will flourish through the fall, but will go dormant during the winter and spring months, only to reappear just in time to show off for the next summer.


Fast Facts:

Season: Summer-Fall

Size: 4-5ft tall & wide

Color: Purple

Water: Low

Sun: Full Sun


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