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Safe Use & Disposal of Pesticides

Pesticides are designed to be toxic to the pests they target – insects, weeds and other unwanted home and garden invaders. Always read pesticide product labels carefully and follow all directions on proper use, storage, and disposal of empty pesticide containers. Product labels are your main source of information on how to use a product safely and legally. They include guidelines needed to protect you, your family and pets. The only allowable way to dispose of unused pesticides is through a household hazardous waste collection site.


If you must use pesticides, follow these tips to reduce pesticide effects on your local waterways:

–         Identify your pest problem and choose the least toxic pesticide that targets your pest and achieves the results you want.

–         Determine the right amount of pesticide to purchase. Purchasing exactly the amount you need for the application eliminates the need for storing unused pesticides.

–         Use spot treatments whenever possible.



– Avoid over watering after applying pesticides. Never let pesticide runoff flow into storm drains.

– Do not apply pesticides outdoors when rain is forecast or when its windy

– Avoid applying pesticides on paved areas.



– Avoid applying pesticides in or near floor drains or sinks.

– Avoid applying pesticides on areas that will be washed or mopped with water, or where food is prepared or stored.


When Using & Storing Pesticides, take these precautions:

– Always wear a long-sleeved shirt, pants, and eye protection and all other equipment suggested on the label.

– Store products tightly capped in a locked cabinet out of reach from children and pets.

– Always keep pesticides in their original container.

– Know where to call for help in an emergency!


Pesticide Disposal:

– If you cannot use up your pesticides, fertilizers, and weed killers, give them to a friend who may need them.

– Sewage treatment plants are not designed to treat for certain toxic pesticides like ‘diazinon’ and ‘chlorpyrifos’ – dumping pesticides into the storm drain or down the sink is NEVER an option.

– The only allowable way to dispose of unused pesticides is through household hazardous waste collection site.


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