Selling to the Sexes with Caruso!


Males & females are very different creatures and sometimes selling real estate can be different depending on their sex. I have come across some tips on how to sell to the opposite sex if you seem to be running into a road block with your client.  


If you’re a female selling to a male buyer;


-Transition more quickly from building rapport to getting down to business.


-When asked a direct question, answer it in a sentence before launching into a store.


-Be streamlined & focused. Speak only to features in which your prospect has shown an interest. Use facts, figures, & qualitative data.


-Build credibility by showing your stripes, what you bring to the table.


-Recognize that you have earned the right to ask for referrals, testimonials, and the business


If you’re a male selling to a female buyer;


-Focus as much on building rapport as you do on generating the sale.


-Use active listening skills and reflective language to ensure that she feels she is being heard.


-Ask to give your advice: “Would you be interested in hearing which mortgage I would suggest?”


-Rather than speaking only to her needs, address the needs of those she cares about when sharing services.


-Be patient with process. The greater the investments, the longer a woman will take to do her research and make a decision. It’s worth hanging in there because her loyalty is unmatched.  


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