Caruso’s End of the Summer Housing Market Update!


Since we have come to an end of the summer I thought I would provideyou with an end of the summer real estate sales and inventory report. Specifics include Orange County and a look at how we compare to the National trends.

August 2011 Real Estate search results are in and Orange County, CA was the #16 most searched market in the country during August 2011. This is based on data released recently by, which is the #1 homes for sale Real Estate search web site.

The median list prices for homes in Orange County, CA hit $449,000 in August 2011, a -6.44% decrease from one year ago this month, and -0.22% decrease from July 2011.  The national median list price in August 2011 was $189,900, a 0.48% increase compared to August 2010.  The median decrease is a result of more homes selling in the lower price bands.

The active “for sale” inventory of homes in Orange County, CA in August 2011 leveled out at 15,828, a -12.10% decrease compared to August 2010.  The National inventory counts for August 2011 were 2,267,327, a -19.00% decrease as compared to a year ago.  

The median age of inventory in Orange County, CA in August was 87 days, a 1.16% increase compared to July 2011.  Nationally, the median age of inventory was 103 days, a 6.19% increase to July.


And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.

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Past President, Orange County Association of Realtors (949) 753-7900



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