Online videos. I’m sure you have heard about it & I am sure you have seen some. Many agents I speak to are a little hesitant to go down the path of producing Real Estate Videos. Their hesitation seems to be that they have no idea about what to do once it has been produced. My advice to any agent wanting to use online video marketing is “Investigate your options”. A successful campaign means broadcasting it to the largest audience you can reach. So here are a few ideas to certainly get you on your way.


Youtube – any digital format video should be uploaded here, it’s free and optimized correctly will rank very competitively in the Google Search results. This is free


Email – Include a link to your video in your email marketing.


Real Estate Portals – Nearly all portals allow for a video link to be embedded into the listing.  This won’t cost you anymore then what you are already paying.


Your own website – A no brainer and an extra benefit to the SEO of your own site. You may need to check with your web developer to see if video can be incorporated into your site. If it can’t, then it’s time to upgrade


Print Media using QR Code – This is the link between your printed marketing and your online marketing. QR readers are available for most smart phones and users only need to scan the code to link them directly to the video on youtube.


Social Media – Broadcast to your fans and followers using facebook, twitter, linked in, Google+ Anywhere really where you can place a link or a video. Nowadays there are buttons to link everything together so now you can post your video virtually everywhere online that you have a account with.


Window Display TV or in house video – It’s a nice touch to have a screen set up in your reception area or window display which can loop through current listings.


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