Fourth of July Facts…

Let the fireworks fly… fireworks-long-beach1

Throughout history, fireworks have been used for religious, patriotic and for many other happy celebratory occasions. Fireworks light up the night sky with amazing colors and roaring explosions to the delight of onlookers, they make us say “ooooh and ahhhh”! Fireworks, bring joy, pride and much enjoyment to many as a way of celebrating, our nation’s birthday.

Here are some fun facts about fireworks. Enjoy…

The Chinese are said to have invented fireworks over 2000 years ago, by accident.

The first firecracker consisted of gunpowder and bamboo shoots!

The Italians transformed fireworks into an art display.

Marco Polo is believed to be the first person to bring fireworks back from China to North America.

Salts, nitrates and oxides produce the brilliant colors in fireworks.

The first Fourth of July clebration was held in Philadelphia in 1777, a full year after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It had an elaborate fireworks display and had all of the elements of typical future celebrations.

Make it a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!!

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