Walk this Way with Caruso!

Recently I read that more Americans prefer living in walk-able, mixed-use neighborhoods with easy access to local amenities, according to a recent Community Preference Survey by the NAR. More than half (56 %) of respondents say they preferred living in a walk-able neighborhood over one that requires more driving between work, home and recreation. When considering a home purchase, 77% of respondents say they would look for locations that had abundant sidewalks, while 50% say they would rather see improvements to the existing public transit system that initiatives to build new roads.

While space is important to many homebuyers, some say they are willing to sacrifice square footage if it means less driving. Nearly 3 out of the 5 homebuyers (59%) say they would choose a smaller home if its location promised a commute time of less than 20 minutes. Which is more important to you? Space or distance?


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