Go Green this Mother’s Day with Caruso!

Mother’s Dayis TOMORROW. It’s a day to celebrate mothers and motherhood. But why not celebrate Mother Earth/Nature as well by going green this Mother’s Day! Here are some examples I have come across to help you have a Green Mother’s Day!

Homemade Organic Treats and Desserts: Why not switch to something healthy for a change? It is essential to select a good range of natural and certified organic ingredients from Organic Grocery Stores before experimenting on the recipes.

Greening the household: Green plants add a splash of color and fun to the household. They not only decorate your home, but also purify your indoor air. Thank your mother and show your love by giving plants that continue to grow day after day!

Green Cards: Express your gratitude and love in words and affirmations – give your mom a beautiful sustainable card with your own sentiments that she can keep and reread bringing a genuine smile to her face every time! Earth Greetings.com offers a great variety of eco-friendly paper goods and greeting cards, including wrapping paper, stationery and bookmarks. All products are sustainable and 100% post-consumer recycled. You can even make it more personal by creating your very own design of thank you card this year.

Organic Soaps: Pamper Mom on Mother’s Day with the highest quality certified organic soap from Soaps Plus. Enriched with natural and eco-friendly ingredients, their products are created and hand made by trained holistic therapist in order to moisturize and soften skin with a pure touch.

Ethical Jewellery: Women love accessories and looking beautiful. But what will make your gift stand out and green? Choose a lovely pair of earrings or gorgeous necklace that supports Fairtrade. Show off something special, hand-made and ethical.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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