Green Real Estate

Iridescent light bulbs, low-flow plumbing and energy-efficient windows are among the new considerations for building a home these days. “Green” real estate that is more ecologically sound and environmentally friendly is resonating with a new generation of home buyers concerned with environmental impact and utility costs. With rising prices in oil and other fuels, home buyers want to stretch their dollars as far as they’ll go. Therefore, Real estate professionals must meet and address the home buyer’s considerations and connect with them on the issues they care about.

Here are a few ideas for connecting with such people to tap into a “green” market for real estate:

Attend meetings of “green” related organizations– Make a list of “green” organizations and find out where and when they meet. Attend meetings open to the public and join the largest groups (or all of them where feasible). When you go to meetings, make sure to introduce yourself as a realtor who works in earth-friendly real estate, make friends and hand out business cards printed on recycled paper.

Go where “green-minded” people are– These places will also be easy to discover once you join those green organizations. In general, nature centers, organic cafés, restaurants and stores that sell products for outdoor enthusiasts are good bets. Science centers and parks known for nature related activities are good options too.

Market at “green” related functions and activities– Keep an eye out for announcements on “green” functions from the groups you have joined. Make sure to meet as many people as possible, hand out those cards and even wear apparel that lets attendees know that you’re a realtor that specializes in “green” properties.

Give presentations on “green” realty– If you’ve joined environmental groups, inform them about new eco-friendly products in home building or repair. Also, discussing “green” real estate with industry colleagues could provide greater awareness to a market place with high demand for eco-friendly homes.

The demand for “green” real estate will continue to grow as ecological awareness increases and improvements in technology offer new ways to lower utility costs, reduce emissions and leave less of a carbon footprint. Using these tips to connect with environmentally conscious buyers now will only prepare an agent for the future. As time goes on, there will be more environmental considerations imposed on homes and the agent with the knowledge will have the upper hand.

And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.

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Past President, Orange County Association of Realtors (949) 753-7900


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