Going Green at Home with Caruso!

With summer just around the corner, and temperatures heating up this is the time for conservation and thinking GREEN.  There are lots of ways you can contribute to making our Earth a better place to live. However, have you thought about how to make your home GREEN? To help you get started I provided you with some tips to having a GREEN home.

The first and probably most important one during the summer is to reduce air conditioning use! Air conditioning, whether a central system or an in-window unit uses tons of energy, so by using fans, keeping windows and doors shut, and closing shades during the day you are already helping the earth. Also you can add Energy Efficient Windows which will not only reduce the heat inside your home during the warmer months but will also help to keep the heat during the cooler months. Another thing I recommend, especially if you are up-grading your home is to look for and buy Energy Star Appliances. Significantly more energy efficient, Energy Star Appliances save you money by using less electricity and water than other appliances. Solar panels can also be a great investment when trying to make your home more green. Not only does it save you money but also increases the value of your property!

If you feel like you can’t utilize those tips mentioned above here are some very easy ways to go green around your home. Unplug electronics, battery chargers and other equipment when not in use. Taken together, these small items can use as much power as your refrigerator! Replace standard incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) and save 75% of lighting costs. Manage the power on all computers and ensure that they are turned off every night. Note: Laptops use 90% more energy than most desktop computers. When possible, wash clothes in cold water. About 90% of the energy used in a clothes washer goes to water heating.

Taking simple steps like switching to CFL light bulbs, energy star appliances, turning off electronics when not in use and making sure your windows, doors, and insulation are keeping your energy inside can make a huge difference in your energy usage at home.

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