Your Peaceful Sanctuary with Caruso!

Stress; we deal with it daily. Society has been using the word stress for years now and finding a peaceful place or peaceful time for solitude is a challenge for most.  But, have you ever thought of creating that peaceful place in or around your own home? We seem to always go to places to find peace or solitude like: the gym, yoga or pilates classes, the beach, church, library, a hike, a coffee shop or quiet restaurant etc. Sometimes though, we just don’t want to leave our home.

With that said, every home has enough space to create your own peaceful place. Whether it be inside the home or outside with thoughtful planning & landscaping, an out of the way area can become your peaceful place.  Most likely your peaceful place is going to be outside in your backyard away from the chaos inside. Think about spirit gardens, meditation gardens, herb gardens, dripping water fountains…all sensory and spirit rich, fun to work on and not difficult to do.  The 3 key elements in gardens for reflection and meditation are: water, lush green plants and comfortable seating.  Moving or dripping water can mask distractions like noise from traffic and plants provide shade, visual interest and oxygen. Your “look” should be minimalist, artistic and practical.  That way, your peaceful place doesn’t become another work place.

Even better, when it comes time to sell your home, having your very own peaceful place on your property can be a very good advertising tool when it comes to marketing your home.  The majority of people would like to have a secluded, private area on their property so they can take a minute to themselves during their hectic days. In realty, not a lot of people think of actually making a peaceful area in their very own home because they feel the idea will never really work and think “how private can they really be in their own home?” So, when potential buyers view your home it will be a nice surprise for them to see something different, yet very beneficial to them. For the most part people expect to see the usual; bedrooms, office, living room etc. Imagine the surprise when they see a peaceful sanctuary just for them!

And thank you for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Connection.

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Past President, Orange County Association of Realtors (949) 753-7900


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