7 Deadly Sins with Caruso!



                When Dealing with a Buyer

1. MAKING CLAIMS WITHOUT KNOWING THE FACTS. If you’re relying on somebody else’s information and don’t check out the facts for yourself, you’re in trouble. Though there is a clear difference between dishonesty and laziness, to your client that distinction could be meaningless. What do you do when potential buyers are right there and want information, and you don’t have the answer? Stick to the old Three T’s motto: Tell the Truth, Don’t blame others and don’t apologize. Tell them you’ll get it; then get what they ask for in an accurate and reliable way. This cultivates trust.

2. ARGUING WITH PROSPECTS. You won’t hit it off with every buyer no matter how good you think you are. If you meet a buyer you can’t work with, handle the situation like a pro. Stay calm; don’t argue. Recognizing that you can’t be all things to all people isn’t a blow to your professional pride; it’s a reflection of maturity and self-confidence. A conflict won’t achieve a sale and might damage your company’s image. Suggest that perhaps one of your colleagues could assist the person.

3. GIVING TOO MUCH INFORMATION. Like your favorite software, you should be Auser friendly. By getting to know buyers right from the start, you can assess what buyers are looking for and what they want to know about the home purchase. Tech heads want technical info and can’t get enough, so give them an overload. Other prospects tune out the onslaught of unsought data. Provide what your customer wants and no more.

4. FAILING TO BE POSITIVE. Your belief in yourself as a human being and as a sales professional, your pride in your career and company, and your pleasure in working with other people are all reflected in your attitude, your enthusiasm, and your energy. Check yourself out; anything negative going on within you will be detected by the people you deal with. You can’t fool them, so don’t try. Strive to be positive in all aspects of your work.

5. POOR PREPARATION. Make the best possible use of your time. Your job is to match prospects with properties. You need to know precisely what’s wanted and the range of properties that might interest these buyers. A checkpoint: How many times do you say “I don’t know” in the first three minutes? Three times and the prospect usually say, “You’re out! You didn’t do your homework.”

6. TALKING TOO MUCH. Scene: Your prospects have made a 20-minute appointment with you. How much of that time should you be doing the talking? They say if you talk for more than five of the 20 minutes, you’re telling not selling. What do you do for 15 minutes? Listen, nod, and smile. Then listen some more.

7. FAILING TO CLOSE THE SALE. Would you like fries with that? That simple question helped sales of fries skyrocket at your favorite fast food restaurant. Rarely will buyers initiate the purchase decision- they have to be asked. Sometimes salespeople are so afraid of the decision, they refuse to ask; that wastes time and effort. If the buyers say yes, great, and you can close. If they say no, move on to the next property. But you’ll never know unless you ask.

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