Get more MPG

Even if you don’t drive a “green” car, you can still drive greener — and save $$$ and MPG.

 •    Park in the Shade: Park in the shade when you can, and cool down your hot car by driving with the windows down before turning on the air-conditioner. Over time these practices can result in a much smaller workload for your AC-and significant energy savings.

 •    Get Regular Tune-ups: Change your oil, check the fluids, replace spark plugs, and perform other regular maintenance tasks to save fuel. Rotate your tires and keep them properly inflated. For every 3 pounds they fall below their recommended pressure your fuel economy will fall by 1%. When it’s time to replace tires consider using low-rolling-resistance (LRR) alternatives, which can boost your mpg.

 •    Slow down: Driving 75 mph instead of 65 mph burns 10 % more fuel. A smooth ride also helps, so use cruise control when it’s practical. Stop-and-go driving and jackrabbit acceleration really take a toll-just one second of “pedal to the metal” acceleration emits almost as much carbon monoxide as half an hour of normal driving. And when you’re not driving your car, turn it off-don’t let it idle.

And that is your green tip of the day! Drive Safely!

 Source: Green Guide —

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