A Green Wedding with Caruso


Wedding planning and trying to protect the environment at the same time!? It is possible! And having an environmentally friendly wedding doesn’t have to mean giving up what you want. In a lot of cases, being environmentally friendly can even lessen the stresses of planning and make the special day more enjoyable. Here are a few ideas I have come across to help make your wedding green!

Go organic. From flowers to food there are lots of ways to go organic. Many caterers offer organic and local produce options. You will be helping the environment by supporting products that use less pesticides, and likely have tastier food!

Something borrowed. Consider borrowing items from friends or family. This will save resources and add a customized feel to the wedding.

Go local. Consider a wedding location near where the majority of your guests are from. This will save on gas and jet fuel as your guests have less distance to travel. If a local venue isn’t possible, consider reducing the impact on the environment by offsetting the emissions that contribute to climate change. Several Earth Share members offer special programs that you and your guests can use to calculate your carbon output and take steps to offset them.

Ring true. Ask for rings with gold, silver, diamonds or other materials that were mined sustainably. Many mining practices are detrimental to the environment and local communities. Consider using materials from a ring in your family or looking at antiques.

Digital photos. Most photographers can do digital photos of the event. You can then preview the photos and just order prints of the pictures you want-reducing the toxics and waste involved with printing pictures.

One location. Consider having your ceremony and reception in the same location. This will simplify the day and save on gas as guests go from one site to another.

Gift of giving. Picking a china pattern not your style? More couples are asking for donations to charities instead of a gift. Consider adding Earth Share or another environmental charity to your registry.

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