Do your spring cleaning early this year!

It’s a new year and your home could use a little “spring” (okay, winter) cleaning to go along with your new goals, resolutions, and attitude. Let’s leave the negativity and clutter behind with 2010 and start fresh this year with some easy ways to stay more organized.


 -Start with your closet

-Color code clothing to make finding things in the morning that much easier

-Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in over a year or no longer fit and help out others in need

-Clean out your pantry…again organize and throw out expired items

-File paperwork, bank statements, tax forms, medical documents, etc in labeled and color coded folders for easy reference and to eliminate stacks throughout the house

“Re-decorate” on a dime

-Use color!

-Throw a rug down in an new spot for instant depth

-Move furniture around in new configurations

-Change out pictures or frames for new adventures to showcase

-Paint a wall. You can easily do just one yourself and it might be a fun project to give a new feel to your space

Go green

-Replace light bulbs with new energy efficient bulbs

-Start to recycle if you don’t already

Any other ideas? Please share!

And Thank You for making me Your Orange County Real Estate Specialist!


2007 President, Orange County Association of Realtors



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