Got My Electric Car…But What About Charging It?!?

Electric cars should have a place to charge up in the city of Laguna Beach by the end of the summer. The city council recently voted to negotiate an agreement with ChargePoint America, a program from electric vehicle infrastructure company Coloumb Technologies. The program uses federal money to buy charging stations for cities and individuals and build a network for drivers of the increasingly popular vehicles.

Electric Vehicles will soon be common on American Roads. The two charging stations will be installed at the south end of the parking lot at Laguna Canyon Road and Forest Avenue, taking over two parking spots. The council agreed to continue to charge drivers to park at the spots and limit their parking time to three hours, to coincide with other spaces in the downtown area. City official estimate the current parking revenue from the two spots to be around $3,000 a year.

While ChargePoint will pay for the two charging stations, the city must pay for installation and a fee to be part of the company’s network. The council dedicated $21,500 to the project from the Parking Revenue Fund. Drivers will have to pay for the electricity they use, likely about $1.12 per hour of charging.

Connection to ChargePoint’s network will allow drivers to use mobile devices or the Internet to find charging stations in their area and see if they’re in use. A fully charged battery will take drivers about 100 miles, and new electric cars take between three and seven hours to charge. The stations will also have a lower-voltage hookup for golf carts and motorcycles.

Will you get an Electric Car?

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