Cats Going Green with Caruso!

Cat litter has always been a nasty, but necessary commodity. Not only can it cause potential health risks to both pets and humans, it is an absolute Environmental nightmare. If you are like most people, you deposit the stinky stuff in plastic trash bags to be tossed out. Did you know that it is estimated that 4-8 BILLION pounds of cat waste end up in the U.S. landfills annually? Cat litter needs to be disposed of.

Introducing EnviroKats – the first entirely reusable cat litter! What that means to you is no more running to the store for litter and the expense involved in purchasing. No more dumping boxes, no exposure to the awful odors, and no plastic bags needed for disposal. And finally, no more needless choking of our landfills!
So what is EnviroKats made of so that it is able to be reused? EnviroKats litter is made from 100% discarded tires! The materials absorbs odors naturally without any additives.

The specially designed box allows the liquid waste to accumulate at the bottom of the box. When it is time to clean the box you simply gently rinse the surface area of the litter, open the drain, and release the liquids. 


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