Safety Tips with Caruso!

Now is the time to check your furnace. To help you be safe and efficient in the operation of your furnace here are a few tips to keep you and your families safe over the winter.

Schedule an annual inspection of your furnace with a licensed, qualified professional or The Gas Company.

Never store anything near your furnace that might interfere with normal appliance airflow.

Clean inside the burner compartment of built-in, vented wall furnaces once a month during the heating season to prevent lint build-up.

Never store or use flammable products in the same room or near any gas or heat-producing appliances. Flammable products include gasoline, spray paints, solvents, insecticide, adhesives, foggers, varnish cleaning products and other pressurized containers.

Central forced air furnace filters should be checked monthly for lint build-up during periods of furnace use and cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Make sure central forced air furnace filters access panels are securely in place. If not properly secured, you may risk carbon monoxide poisoning.

Avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning by checking the flame’s appearance. If you notice a yellow, large and unsteady gas appliance burner flame (with the exception of decorative gas log appliances), be sure to immediately contact a licensed, qualified professional or The Gas Company to have the appliance inspected.

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