READ THIS before cooking your Thanksgiving feast

Keep your family and friends safe and healthy with these important tips from the USDA.

DON’T: Store warm leftovers in large containers – they won’t cool fast enough to kill bacteria

DON’T: Serve undercooked (or raw) eggs…make sure stuffing is all the way heated to at least 165 degrees

DON’T: Wash meats – this can increase the risk of spreading bacteria (news to me!)

DON’T: Thaw frozen food at room temperature

DO: Thaw by refrigerating…6hrs per pound

DO: Store leftovers in appropriate size Tupperware

DO: Set your fridge to 40 degrees F and freezer to 0 degrees F

DO: Use one cutting board for produce and one for meats

DO: Wash all produce, even if you are not going to use the skin or rind

And lastly, DO enjoy every last bite…it only comes once a year! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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