Before you hire a contractor…

The kids are back in school and now its time to have those roof shingles repaired and the new floors installed in your bathroom. BUT WAIT! Don’t just hire anyone to make home repairs…make sure your contractor is licensed and insured! If an unlicensed contractor or repair man without insurance injures themselves in your home, you may be liable.

Use these 3 steps to verify if your contractor is licensed and insured:

1. Verify Their License.In California, any contractor performing over $500 in repairs must be licensed by the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). Ask for their license number and confirm it is accurate by logging into the CSLB website (

2. Check Their Legal Action Status.While on the CSLB website you can check if the contractor has any current or past legal actions. If you see one, get more information about the issue.

3. Ask To See a Certificate Of Insurance. All workers need to be insured with both liability and worker’s compensation. Request and insurance certificate from the contractor to verify coverage. This will cover you on any claims from the actual repairs to a slip and fall.

Take the time to confirm these items. It may save you a ton of money and will ensure you are working with the right contractor. Good luck with your repairs and remodels!

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