Owners Spend Less on Housing…

The percentage home owners with mortgages who spent 30% or more of their household income on housing, including mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and utilities, was 37.6% in 2009, almost unchanged from 2008. At the same time, the median home price dropped about 6%, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Renters weren’t so lucky. The number of renters spending 30% or more of their household income on housing-related costs rose to 51.5% of all renters in 2009, rising from 50% in 2008, according to the Census.

Two factors affected housing affordability:

· Median household income, adjusted for inflation, fell 2.9%  in 2009 as unemployment rose.
· Median monthly housing costs, including rent and utilities, rose 3% in 2009 from $818 to $842.

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