You’ve Come a Long Way Baby….



There have been some amazing advances since the first mobile phone was launched.   The modern handheld cell phone era began in 1973 when Motorola invented the first cellular portable telephone.  Martin Cooper a researcher and executive is considered to be the inventor of this mobile phone for use outside the home, office and in the car. The phone was the size of a brick and weighed more than 2 lbs.

The Mobile phone history is divided into Generations: First, Second, Third and so on.

First generation phones in the U.S – 1G.  Was launched in 1983 by Motorola.  The “brick” weighed 2 lbs and offered a half-hour of talk time after recharging and had a price tag of  $3,995. Consumers lined up in droves to buy the first cellular phone as soon as it hit the market.

Second generation phones – 2G.  Came out in the 1990’s. These phone systems differed from the previous generation in their use of digital transmission instead of analog transmission. They had an increased battery life and better coverage. Text messaging was introduced and the first download app. The “ring tone”, was available for the first time in 1998.

Third generation phones – 3G.  As the use of these phones became more widespread and people used cellular phones in their daily lives, it became clear that the demand for greater coverage and internet access was growing more rapidly.  Cellular phones became smaller and had more apps and capabilities.

The future generation phones – 4G.  These are faster with widespread availability and increased capabilities.  The mobile phone industry has changed since the early days and is only going to get bigger.  I wonder what the future holds for the next generation of phones and what technological devices we still haven’t yet discovered or launched.  I also wonder what the next thing will be that we can’t live without!!! Only, time will tell….

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