Caruso’s Global Conservation Act


Global Conservation Act

Recently I’ve been told to keep an eye on the Global Conservation Act of 2010. It was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in March, and in June it was introduced to the Senate by Senators Tom Udall and Sam Brownback.

The Global Conservation Act would tap the power of the U.S. government’s diplomatic and strategic resources to protect the environment and address an array of global environmental issues, including the destruction of forests and reefs.

It would also establish a special coordinator, a presidential advisory committee, and an inter-agency working group on global conservation. Such entities would work on a national strategy and coordinate the various federal agencies. The bill identifies measurable goals and time frames for long-term global conservation.

Goals include:

  • Protecting millions of square miles of land and sea
  • Addressing illegal and unregulated fishing around the world
  • Protecting natural sources of fresh water to several major population centers around the world
  • Stopping the worst wildlife trafficking operations
  • Stabilizing environmental destruction trends in areas vulnerable to conflict and instability

As our world grows increasingly intertwined through commerce, communication and culture, we must also work together to protect the earth’s natural resources through conservation. This bill acknowledges the important role our natural resources play in global economics, health and security, and takes steps to strengthen the United States’ involvement and productivity in conservation on a global scale.

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